Best Quality Waste Scrap Tire Recycling Equipment


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Items Contents

Raw material Waste tyres, scrap plastic, waste rubber

Structure form Horizontal

Model HY-6T HY-8T HY-10T

Size of reactor D2200mm*L6000mm D2600mm*L6600mm D2800mm*L6000mm

24-hour capacity 6 tons 8 tons 10 tons

Operating pressure Constant pressure

Heating material Coal, charcoal, fuel gas, fuel oil

Average out-put oil rate 45%-50%

Material of reactor Q345R boiler plate

Thickness of reactor 16mm/18mm

Rotate speed of reactor 0.4 turn/minute

Mode of cooling Water cooling

Power in total 20 Kw

Life 5-8 years


(1) safety. we have some safe devices such as the pressure gauge, alarming ring,safety the

same time we have the anti-back fire device which can avoid the fire back into the reactor.

(2) Environment protecting. if you come to visit our company to see the running plant,you can not even

see the vapor. as we have the dust removal device and dust removal pool.

(3) Energy saving.our anti-back fire device can collect the exaust gases which can be fuels after the

oil is out so is very convenient and you can save the energy .at the same time,we have the catalyst

chamber which can reduce the temperature of the catalytic prolysis of the tires and plastics. so you

can save lot’s of energy. except this ,we have vaccum device which let the reactor be negative you can image.

(4) High degree of automatic.we have many automatical decices such as: auto-feeder,carbon black

elevater,oil pumping automatic,reducing pressure automatic.

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is the first domestic professional company in the recycling and utilization of waste resources (waste scrap tire, waste rubber and waste engine oil and so on). Our company is the only factory who has Christian background in this field. All of our equipments have been passed ISO14001&ISO9001&CE. Our equipments have been exported to India, Pakistan, Brazil, Romania, Turkey etc, and we earned a good reputation from our customers.
Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Pyrolysis Plant


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