2013 New Designed Professional Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)           Brand Name: HUAYIN

Model Number: 2200*6600                       Type: TIRE RECYCLING MACHIE

Machine Type: Tire Recycling Machine            Certificates: ISO9001, CE ISO14001

Oil yeild rate: 35%-70%                          Fuel: wood,coal,waste oil

Thickess: 12/14/16/18mm                        By-products: carbon black&steel wire&oil&gail gas

Starting time: 1993                              Carbon black mess: 38 MESH

Oil fuel value: 7,008BTU/Ib                       Needed time: 20 HOURS

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 40’FR + 40’HQ

Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving advance payment


waste rubber recycling machine to fuel oil

Export to India, Pakistan, Turkey , etc.

material :PE ,PP , PS , ABS.

some details you may interest

Model Reactor size volume capacity Note Feeding

time Processing

time Cooling

time Discharge carbon


LL-2200-6000 2200*6000mm 20.7 M? 5 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days 1-2 hours 7-9 hours 1 hours 1-2 hours

LL-2200-6600 2200*6600mm 25.1 M? 6 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days

LL-2600-6000 2600*6000mm 31.8M? 8 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day 2-3 hours 10-12 hours 1 hours 2-3 hours

LL-2600-6600 2600*6600mm 35.0M? 9 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day

LL-2800-6000 2800*6000mm 36.9 M? 10 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day 3-4 hours 12-14 hours 1 hours 3-4 hours

LL-2800-6600 2800*6600mm 40.6 M? 12 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day

The process of this machine:

First,put the raw material into reactor door, seal the feed inlet system.

Second,burn the fuel material(coal,wood,or natural gas ,oil ) in the combustion system .

The reactor will slowly be heated ,when the temperature reach around 250 °C,it will produce oil gas .

Third,oil gas will go to cooling system ,it will cold into liquid oil by the water cooling.

The gas which can not liquid under normal pressure ,which are designed back to combustion system

as fuel in place of the fuel material to heat the reactor which can save energy .

After oil comes out fully ,the temperature of reactor will go down .At the same time ,carbon black will be discharged automatically.

Lastly,when the temperature fall to 100 °C,worker could open the door of reactor to discharge of steel wire, then can start another batch working.

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is the production of waste plastics oil refining equipment waste tires oil refining equipment waste oil refining equipment, Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant, modern management company Enterprises in the production process and adopt the international advanced management mode. Focusing on the introduction of technology and independent development combining product quality constantly moving to a higher level.

After-sales service–Thoughtful and prompt after-sales service provides support and guarantee for your benefits.

◇Send the technicians to carry out the installation and debugging of equipment for the foreign users with compensation. Countries or regions with unstable political situation or in the throes of wartime are not included in our plan .

◇Train the users to command the equipment and guide them for safe production.

◇ Explain the routine maintenance of equipment carefully and remove common faults.

◇ We are responsible for all the repairs that caused by our quality problems within one year’s warranty. Foreign accessories are generally delivered by DHL in orde to provide service for foreign customers promptly.

◇The foreign customers who have any questions on after-sales service can directly send email to our designated mailbox. We will answer your questions in 12 hours and solve various problems for the customers in time.

◇For some counties whose visas are difficult obtain, customers can also send their technicians to our company to receive free guidance and training.

◇Accept the suggestions for improvement put forward by customers in an earnest way. In accordance with changes of the market, provide the products and services to meet the users’ needs and create values for them.

◇The customers whose products have passsed its warranty date are entitled to enjoy our after-sales service for life.

2013 New Designed Professional Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant


Source: Huayin Renewable Energy Equipme
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)           Brand Name: HUAYIN
Model Number: 2200*6600                       Type: TIRE RECYCLING MACHIE
Machine Type: Tire Recycling Machine            Certificates: ISO9001, CE ISO14001
Oil yeild rate: 35%-70%                          Fuel: wood,coal,waste oil
Thickess: 12/14/16/18mm                        By-products: carbon black&steel wire&oil&gail gas
Starting time: 1993                              Carbon black mess: 38 MESH
Oil fuel value: 7,008BTU/Ib                       Needed time: 20 HOURS

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 40’FR + 40’HQ
Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving advance payment

waste rubber recycling machine to fuel oil
Export to India, Pakistan, Turkey , etc.
material :PE ,PP , PS , ABS.

some details you may interest

Model Reactor size volume capacity Note Feeding
Discharge carbon
LL-2200-6000 2200*6000mm 20.7 M³ 5 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days 1-2 hours 7-9 hours 1 hours 1-2 hours
LL-2200-6600 2200*6600mm 25.1 M³ 6 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days
LL-2600-6000 2600*6000mm 31.8M³ 8 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day 2-3 hours 10-12 hours 1 hours 2-3 hours
LL-2600-6600 2600*6600mm 35.0M³ 9 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
LL-2800-6000 2800*6000mm 36.9 M³ 10 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day 3-4 hours 12-14 hours 1 hours 3-4 hours
LL-2800-6600 2800*6600mm 40.6 M³ 12 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day

The process of this machine:

First,put the raw material into reactor door, seal the feed inlet system.
Second,burn the fuel material(coal,wood,or natural gas ,oil ) in the combustion system .
The reactor will slowly be heated ,when the temperature reach around 250 °C,it will produce oil gas .
Third,oil gas will go to cooling system ,it will cold into liquid oil by the water cooling.
The gas which can not liquid under normal pressure ,which are designed back to combustion system
 as fuel in place of the fuel material to heat the reactor which can save energy .
After oil comes out fully ,the temperature of reactor will go down .At the same time ,carbon black will be discharged automatically.
Lastly,when the temperature fall to 100 °C,worker could open the door of reactor to discharge of steel wire, then can start another batch working.

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is the production of waste plastics oil refining equipment waste tires oil refining equipment waste oil refining equipment, Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant, modern management company Enterprises in the production process and adopt the international advanced management mode. Focusing on the introduction of technology and independent development combining product quality constantly moving to a higher level.

After-sales service–Thoughtful and prompt after-sales service provides support and guarantee for your benefits.
◇Send the technicians to carry out the installation and debugging of equipment for the foreign users with compensation. Countries or regions with unstable political situation or in the throes of wartime are not included in our plan .
◇Train the users to command the equipment and guide them for safe production.
◇ Explain the routine maintenance of equipment carefully and remove common faults.
◇ We are responsible for all the repairs that caused by our quality problems within one year’s warranty. Foreign accessories are generally delivered by DHL in orde to provide service for foreign customers promptly.
◇The foreign customers who have any questions on after-sales service can directly send email to our designated mailbox. We will answer your questions in 12 hours and solve various problems for the customers in time.
◇For some counties whose visas are difficult obtain, customers can also send their technicians to our company to receive free guidance and training.
◇Accept the suggestions for improvement put forward by customers in an earnest way. In accordance with changes of the market, provide the products and services to meet the users’ needs and create values for them.
◇The customers whose products have passsed its warranty date are entitled to enjoy our after-sales service for life.

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Pyrolysis Plant


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