Rubber Processing Machine (HY-10)

Waste Rubber Refining-Equipment

Basic Info.

Model NO.: HY-10

Type: Tire Machinery

Type of General Rubber Machinery: Rubber Refiner

Type of Tire Machinery: Rubber Regeneration Machinery

Certification: CE

Certification: CE&ISO14001&ISO9001

Color: Any Color Is Ok

Factory: Three Factories

Export Markets: Global

Additional Info.

Trademark: HUAYIN

Packing: 40′fr + 40′hq

Standard: 2800*6000

Origin: Xinxiang City, China

HS Code: 8419409090

Production Capacity: 30sets/Month

Product Description

The features of rubber processing machine:

1. Feeding mouth–The feeding mouth of our rubber processing machine can be single one, and also can be compound. One is for plastic, and another one is for tyre. And the size can be designed according to our customers.

2. Outer cover of reactor–It can be single-layer heatproof and double-layer heatproof.

3. Reactor–There is spiral boiler plate in the reactor. It can push the steel and carbon black out directly.

4. Riding wheel–There is four riding wheels supporting the reactor. All of them are made of high quality steels. Their diameter is 218mm.

5. Furnace–There will be two or three furnace door. Each furnace flue is made of 25 furnace strips. It can make full use of heat and is very good for saving energy.

6. Catalyst chamber–There are molecular sives which can break big molecule to small molecule. In this case, it can improbe the oil quality.

7. Condensor pipe–The cooling water of condensor pipe will enter from the below side of pipe and be out from the above side, which is designed according to standard chemistry theory.

8. Oil-water separator–The first water seal. It is a very important device which can prevent blast. Because it can stop the out gas and air back into the reactor.

9. Condensor–We have vertical and horizontal condensor. There are 57 pipes in each condensor. The total codensor area of our waste plastic refining equipment is 67.231 squ.

General Introduction for Components

1. Reactor – pyrolysis for waste tire/rubber/plastic

2. Catalyst chember – reduce speed of oil gas; Catalyst improve oil yield

3. Oil-water separator – separate oil gas and water; First water closing for safety

4. Cooling system (cooling pipe and vertical condensers / horizontal condensers) – better condensing effect, more oil you will get

5. Oil tanks – collect oil

6. Anti-back fire device – recycle tail gas to furnace as fuel; Second water closing for safety

7. Negative pressure device – guarantee working safety; Shorten pyrolysis time

8. Dust removal system – ensure the smoke reach national emission standards

9. Auto-feeder – shorten feeding time; Feed more raw material; No need to cut tires

The advantages of rubber processing machine:

Save energy, environment friendly, safety.

1. It can feed raw material automatically. In this case, you needn’t cool the reactor before you process next batch. And it will also speed up feeding, which can save workers and time for you.

2. The whole reactor is covered by outer cover, which can save energy and be environmentally friendly.

3. Our condensor is designed according to standard cooling theory, its cooling effort is very good.

4. We have safe valve, alarming device and pressure gage. And we also have oil-water separator and anti-back fire. All of these devices will guarantee 100% safety of the process.


Name rubber processing machine

Raw  material tire,   plastic,   rubber

Average  oil  yield Truck  tires 45%-50%

Car  tires 40%

Bicycle  and  motorcycle  tires 30%

Offcut  of  recycled  paper  mill 20%-30%

Fishing  net,   safety  net,   farm-oriented  film 40%-50%

Convenient  bags,   woven  bags 40%

Heating  material Coal  , charcoal,   fuel  gas,   fuel  oil

Material  of  reactor Q245R  boiler  plate

Cooling  mode Waster  cooling

Thickness  of  reactor 12/14/16mm

Rotate  speed  of  reactor 0.8  turn/minute

Driving  method Gear  drive

Floor  space 250squ

Total  power 20Kw

Waste Tire Recycling Machine

Pyrolysis Plant

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