Waste tyre recycling plant to fuel oil in india

Quick Details
    Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)           Brand Name: HUAYIN
    Model Number: 2200*6600                       Type: TIRE RECYCLING MACHIE
    Machine Type: Tire Recycling Machine            Certificates: ISO9001, CE ISO14001
    Oil yeild rate: 35%-70%                          Fuel: wood,coal,waste oil
    Thickess: 12/14/16/18mm                        By-products: carbon black&steel wire&oil&gail gas
    Starting time: 1993                              Carbon black mess: 38 MESH
    Oil fuel value: 7,008BTU/Ib                       Needed time: 20 HOURS
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details:40’FR + 40’HQ
    Delivery Detail:15 days after receiving advance payment
    waste rubber recycling machine to fuel oil
    Export to India, Pakistan, Turkey , etc.
    material :PE ,PP , PS , ABS.
    Working Process:
    Waste Rubber Refining Flow Chart: Rubber Broken → Automatic Feed → Catalytic Cracking → Oil-water Separation → Cooling Liquid → Carbon Black Emission → Carbon Black Processing → Crude Oil → Flammable Gas Recovery → Flammable Gas Combustion → Desulfurzation And Removal
    Firstly, the raw material is put into furnace,then seal the feed inlet system.
    Secondly, burned the fuel material(coal,or wood,or natural gas ,oil ) in the combustion system. The reactor will slowly heat ,when the temperature reach around 250 degree celsius,it will produce oil gas, oil gas will be processed by our technology ,then gone to cooling system to cold liquid oil. The gas which can not be liquid under normal pressure ,which will be desinged to back to combustion system to instead the fuel material to burn the reactor .which can save energy very much. After finished oil produce ,the temperation of reacor will be down ,in same time ,carbon black will be discharged automatically.
    Lastly, when the temperature fall to 100 degree celsius,worker could opened the door of reactor to discharge of steel wire, then can start to another batch working.
    The main equipment is of high safety. The phase of the unliquefizable waste gas produced during the process is alkyl from C1 to C4, which is dangerous when burning directly. In our process, it is transferred first through a water close device and a safety device- burning air muzzle. Before burning, we should ensure the safety of production.
    Environmental Protective
    Dispose waste gas, liquid, and residua in the process:
    1. Waste gas: Transferred through two safety device: water close &burning air nozzle. Fully burnt, not only eliminated pollutant but also minimized the quantity of fuels. For smoke dust discharge, we apply series machines of patent in our company Desulphurization and dust remover which could control the smoke dust discharge amount meet relative standards of GB-2001.
    2. Waste liquid: Produced waste acidic water in the process of oil disposing (50kg process from 1 ton of oil easy to process for small quantity). counteract the liquid by alkalescent liquid solution. After three stage of filtration, the litmusless waste water was introduced to evaporator(use the heat of the flue of main processor as its heating resource)
    3. Waste solid. The solid residua will be left after the catalyst splitting from scrap plastic, approximately composes the waste plastic weight about 5% to 10%. Its main component is the thick black carbon. It can be the raw material of the production industry of black carbon. Also could be mixed with the pulverized coal ash which produces for the raw material thermal power plant, also could be the raw material of manufacture pulverized coal ash brick (one kind of environmental protection building material).

  Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is the first domestic professional company in the utilization and recycling of waste resources (waste plastics, waste tires, waste rubber and waste engine oil and so on). The product we produce has covered national market and exports to world market. For example, Our equipments have been exported to India, Pakistan, Romania, Turkey etc, and we earned a good reputation from our customers.


     Waste Tire Recycling Machine
     Pyrolysis Plant

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