30 Experienced Technicians Rubber Tire Recycling Pyrolysis to Crude Oil Plant


  1.Starting business from 1993
  2.Experienced workers and technicians
  3.High oil yield 50%
  Wastes to treasure-oil
More and more tires exsit in this world,increasing every minute. how to solve this problem? No pollution and all tires die out. is it hard? The Green way to solve this problem is to use our waste tire/rubber pyrolysis machine which can invert the whole tires into fuel oil, furnace oil used in big factory or at home.
 This kind of oil is used widely:
    A: Power plant factory
    B:Glass factory
    C:Cement factory
    D:Ceramic facrory
    E:Aluminum factory
    F:Boiler factory
    G:Central heating factory
    H:Painting factory
    The whole process is like this:
    tires – oil gas- oil, carbon black, stee wire and exaust gas and water.
    In the whole process, the most important is safety and no pollution , then it is the cooling system which decides if you can get more oil or not.
   For the installation, it is vital to be paid more attention in this business.
    We have 30 experienced technicians who have many experiences installing our machines in the whole world. they can make other optional parts for you in your place and solve all of urgent problems.
    Any other information you want to know , email me please. Waiting for your kind email!
     Waste Tire Recycling Machine
     Pyrolysis Plant

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