Best Quality Waste Tire Recycle Plant In India With no Pollution

waste tire =money =treasure???

    Yes ! Waste tire is big treasure!
    Scrap tire is a great  treasure!
    We can get oil,steel, carbon black from waste tire
    With the ever growing health and wellness as well as environmental concerns, the disposal of waste tires is definitely a new increasing trouble all over the world. A waste tire processing plant recycles whole car and truck tires into a valuable product called crumb rubber. This crumb rubber can then used in numerous applications including sport fields, rubberized asphalt for paving and a wide variety of molded products. The steel and fiber removed in the course of this unique process is also recycled into various products. To own a profitable business in this kind of very demanding industry, experience and knowledge are the keys. At Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd, we provide our customers a wide selection of services and technical expertise that consist of local market analysis, end product development, economic projections and plant design all the way through to equipment acquisition, installation and project managing. The product waste tyre recycling plant in india we produce has covered national market and exports to world market. For example, Our equipments have been exported to India, Pakistan, Romania, Turkey etc, and we earned a good reputation from our customers.

The main configurations:
    A: Reactor
    The material of reactor is Q345R. Q345R is mainly used for pressure vessel because it can be continuously heated for long time.
    The reactor is fully covered by thermal insulation. Heat preservation effect is good.
    The gear is separated from the reactor. It avoids deformation after being heated for long time. Even it is broken you only need to change the gear. The maintenance cost is low.
    Gaps are sealed by asbestos pad.
    There is an safety net inside the reactor. It prevents the raw materials going to accessories and avoiding blocking.
    There are spiral plates inside of the reactor cab help to auto-feed and slag.
    Feed port is round shape. It can work with auto-feeder. It helps you feed more raw materials and improve productivity.
    B: Catalyst Chamber
    Reduce the speed of oil gas.
    Purify oil gas.
    Catalyst improves oil quality and oil yield.
    C: Oil-water Seperator
    Purify oil gas with recycling water.
    Water sealing design guarantees that the tail gas can not go back to reactor so keep machine safe.
    Separate heavy oil and water.
    Make heavy oil go into first oil tank.
    D: Cooling System(Virtical Condenser and Honrizontal Condenser)
    Adopt 3 processes of cooling. Improve the oil yield and oil quality.
    No jam with oil and gravity.
    Easy to clean the channel, low labor intensity.
    Flange connection and easy to maintance.
    E: Oil Tank
    There are 4th generation oil tank and 5th generation oil tank. One is the heavy oil tank and the other is the light oil tank.
    F: Anti-back fire device
    Recycle tail gas to furnace. It is environmental protection and saves your fuel.
    Water sealing design guarantees that the tail gas can not go back to reactor and accessories so that keep machine safe.
    G: Buffer Tank
    The effect of the buffer tank is that buffer the oil gas, let the oil gas slow down.
    H: Negative Pressure Device
    Guarantee that the machine is working under normal pressure. Keep our machine safe.
    Guarantee that there is no gas running out from reactor when you are feeding.
    3. Prolong the service life of reactor.
    I: Dust removal System
    Gaseous emission can reach the emission standard after be processed by dust removal system.
    J: Draught Fan
    We use the famous draught fan, so you can use it for a long time and noise. It’s good for the environment. Also the low noise can not influence of workder’s ears.
    K: Chimney
    There are new design chimney and ordinary one. The new one has the Sprayed device inside and remove more dust which no removing from the dust removing device. It will be better for the environment.
    L: Optional parts like Auto feeder, Carbon black discharging system, Working platform

    The usage of the final product
    1.Fuel oil: oil from this plant can be used as industrial fuel for burning
    2.Crude carbon black:crude carbon black from this plant is crude,and it can be sold to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory needing it as raw materials,such as tyer,shoe,cable and sealant companies.
    3.Steel wire:it can be sold to the iron and steel company directly.
     Waste Tire Recycling Machine
     Pyrolysis Plant

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