10 Tons’ waste plastic/tire pyrolysis machine to make crude oil

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: 40′ flat rack container and 40′ high cube container
Delivery Detail: 15 days after getting your 30% deposit


1.security enough
2.envirmental-no pullution
3.save energy-waste gas reused
4.could be putted into two 40HQ




Raw material

Waste tyres, scrap plastic, waste rubber

Structure form






Size of reactor




24-hour capacity

6 tones

8 tones

10 tones

Operating pressure

Constant pressure

Heating material

Coal, charcoal, fuel gas, fuel oil

Average out-put oil rate


Material of reactor

Q245R/Q345R boiler plate

Thickness of reactor


Rotate speed of reactor

0.8 turn/minute

Mode of cooling

Water cooling

Power in total

20 Kw


5-8 years

Working process
    First, put the raw material into the furnace, then seal the feed inlet system tightly. Second, burn the fuel material(coal, wood, gas or oil)in the combustion system, the reactor will heat slowly, when the temperature reaches near to the certain temperature, it will gasify from solid into gas, the oil gas will be produced by our technology, then go into the Catalytic Chamber to speed up the reaction and clean out the wax and other impurity. Then go to water-oil separator, and the heavy oil will be separated, and then go through the cooling system to be liquid oil, the gas which cannot be liquid will be recycled to the reactor for heating. At the same time, the dust removal device will clean up the dust in the gas, then the gas through the Condenser being cooled into liquid, then the gas exhausted to the air is little, so it is no pollution and energy saving.

What you will get

    Fuel Oil:40%-45%
   Carbon Black:30%-35%
   Steel Wire:10%-15%
   The fuel oil can be used to industrial fuel for burning, or refining to diesel and gasoline.
   Carbon Black can be sold to the brick factory as internal combustion or as the raw materials of tire, shoe, cable, etc.
   Steel Wire can be sold to iron and steel company.

About us

    Huayin is specializing in manufacture waste tire pyrolysis machine, waste plastics pyrolysis machine and oil distillation plant.
    20 Years experience in this field.
    Have running plant factory, welcome to visit our factory.
    Advanced technology, no pollution, turn waste into wealth.
    Help you choose the best and profitable machine.
    Send experienced engineer instruct you install the machine, and help you training your workers.

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