Zhengzhou Exported type 10 tons tyre pyrolysis plant

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail: 40’FR+40’HQ
Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving advance payment


1,Lifetime warranty
2,2000 square meters demofactor
3,48% oil output
4,zero pollution

The main configurations of our 10 tons tyre pyrolysis plant:

    A: Reactor
    B: Catalyst Chamber
    C: Oil-water Seperator
    D: Cooling System
    E: Oil Tank
    F: Anti-back fire device
    G: Buffer Tank
    H: Negative Pressure Device
    I: Dust removal System
    J: Draught Fan
    K: Chimney
    L: Optional parts like Auto feeder, Carbon black discharging system, Working platform

Working process description:

    Put the scrap tyres into the revolving-normal pressure split processor directly, catalyze, and heated, distillate oil vapor, transfer the oil vapor. Then through condenser, the liquefiable phase condensed to tyre oil. The unliquefiable ones come through gas system, and were burnt in the bottom of the processor. The black carbon after cooling will be discharged automatically through the outlet.

Output Information:

    Fuel Oil:40%-45%
    Carbon Black:30%-35%
    Steel Wire:10%-15%
    Fuel oil: industrial fuel for burning, refining to diesel and gasoline.
    Carbon Black: the brick factory as internal combustion, raw materials of tire, shoe, cable, etc.
    Steel Wire: iron and steel company.
     Waste Tire Recycling Machine
     Pyrolysis Plant

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