The 5th Generation 10 ton tire pyrolysis machine With ISO&CE&CE

Turn waste into treasure

    waste (such as wate tire, waste plastic, waste rubber, waste engine oil etc.) are increasing every day.At the same time, oil resources are decreasing every day.We use green technology (pyrolysis and distillation)  recycling waste to oil resourses.It is absolutely environmental friendly and create great profits for you.

Profuct details:

Model NO.:  HY-2800
Automatic:  Yes
Material of Reactor:  Q345r Boiler Plate
Thickness of Reactor:  16mm/18mm
Cooling System:  Water Cooling
Cooling Level:  evel 3 Cooling
Oil Yield:  40%~50%
Safety Devices:  Safety Valves&Auto Alarm
Environmental Protection:  No Pollution
Welding Method:  Automatic Welding
Certificate:  ISO9001&CE
Export Markets:  Global

Working flow chart:

    Put the scrap tyres into the revolving-normal pressure split processor directly, catalyze, and heated, distillate oil vapor, transfer the oil vapor. Then through condenser, the liquefiable phase condensed to tyre oil. The unliquefiable ones come through gas system, and were burnt in the bottom of the processor. The black carbon after cooling will be discharged automatically through the outlet.

Technical parameter of equipment is as following:

Item Contents
24-hour disposal amount(minimum) 5-6 tons raw material
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Rotate speed of main equipment 0.8turn/minute
Power in total 22kw/hour
Heating mode Indirect heating
External dimension of main machine

 The 5th Generation 10 ton tire pyrolysis machine:

Raw material Oil yield Steel wire

Waste tire/rubber

Big tyres 45%-50% 15%-20%

Waste plastic

Car tyres 40% 10%-15%
Bicycles and motorcycles tyres 30%-35% 5%-10%
Fishing net 45%-50%
Safety net, farm-oriented film 45%-50%
Convenient bags, weave bags 40%
Off-cut of recycled paper mill 20%-30%

Export to many foreign countries:

    Waste Tire Recycling Machine, the product we produce has covered national market and exports to many foreign countries. For example, Our equipments have been exported to India, Pakistan, Brazil, Romania, Turkey etc, and we earned a good reputation from our customers.
     Waste Tire Recycling Machine
     Pyrolysis Plant

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