2013 Best quality waste plastics recycling machine(Huayin Brand)

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail: 40HQ+40FR
Delivery Detail: 15 days after getting advanced payment


BEST plastic recycling equipment with CE &ISO
1.One of the earliest factories;
2.The best technology;
3.Support compare

Waste plastics recycling machine working process:

    Firstly, feed waste tires inside the reactor, then close the reactor loading door tigthly, make it sealed fully.
    Secondly, start the fire, heating at the heating chamber with coal or firewoodornatural gas, oil. When the temperature rises up to 220 degrees, there will be oil gas coming out through the oil gas opening from the reactor. The oil gas comes into the oil separator. The heavy oil (thick oil with some residule) will come down and flows into the heavy oil tank. While the other light oil gas will comes automatically into the water cooling system, and be cooled down into liquid. Then the oil flows into the oil tank. So we got heavy oil and light oil. During 220-280degrees, there will be large quantity of oil coming out.
    Thirdly, there will be little oil gas at the same time, the chemical name is C1-C4,they can’t be cooled in normal way. So this gas will be recycled back to the heating chamber as fuel to heat the reactor. We named this gas aste gas.


    (1) safety. we have some safe devices such as the pressure gauge, alarming ring,safety valve.at the
          same time we have the anti-back fire device which can avoid the fire back into the reactor.
    (2) Environment  protecting. if you come to visit our company to see the running plant,you can not even
          see the vapor. as we have the dust removal device and dust removal pool.
    (3) Energy saving.our anti-back fire device can collect the exaust gases which can be fuels after the
          oil is out so is very convenient and you can save the energy .at the same time,we have the catalyst
          chamber which can reduce the temperature of the catalytic prolysis of the tires and plastics. so you
          can save lot’s of energy. except this ,we have vaccum device which let the reactor be negative
          pressure.so you can image.
    (4) High degree of automatic.we have many automatical decices such as: auto-feeder,carbon black
          elevater,oil pumping automatic,reducing pressure automatic.

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