Waste tyre pyrolysis machine for oil/black engine oil refining machine/ distillation machine

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail: 40’FR+40’HQ
Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving advance payment


1,Lifetime warranty
2,2000 square meters demofactor
3,90% oil output
4,zero pollution

Black engine oil refining machine characteristics of processing line:

1. Adopts advanced low temperature pyrolysis patent technology, implement the continuous industrial production, and fundamentally eliminate the environmental and safety concerns.
2. Combustible gas from production can be reused in heating system after purification. And taking advantage of waste heat recycling technology, so our machine can reach high thermal efficiency and reduce the production cost greatly.
3. Low temperature pyrolysis technology greatly improves the safety performance and equipment service life.
4. With patented heating technology, unique heat dispersion heating process, and low temperature sulfur transfer agent to heat materials evenly, it not only makes high oil yield, but also ensures the good quality of oil and carbon black.
5. Special flue gas purification system can remove all pollutants in flue gas, H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, SO3, NOX, NH3 and other organic compounds and solid particles, so that the emission index has meet the high standards of Europe and America.

Profit Analysis:

1.Daily cost:
    Raw material:10ton*300.00RMB/ton=3000.00RMB
    Water and electricity:15kw*20hour*0.71RMB/kw=213.00RMB
    Workers’salary:4(persons) *50.00RMB/Person=200.00RMB
    Tax(remark):free from tax for environmental protection equipment
2.Daily turnover:
   a.Carbon black:10ton*20%=2ton*1500RMB=3000.00RMB
   b.Crude oil :10ton*45%=4.5ton*4500RMB/ton=20250.00RMB
   Total :23250.00RMB
3.Daily gross profit :
   Gross profit=daily turnover-daily cost=23250.00RMB-3733RMB=19517.00RMB

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