Hot Selling! Pyrolysis plants turn waste into fuel oil

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail: 40’FR + 40’HQ
Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving advance payment


waste rubber recycling machine to fuel oil
Export to India, Pakistan, Turkey , etc.
material :PE ,PP , PS , ABS.

Different models of pyrolysis plants:

1 Equipment’s model HY-06 HY-08 HY-10
2 Raw material Rubbers/tyres/plastic Rubbers/tyres/plastic Rubbers/tyres/plastic
4 Structure Form Horizontal type Horizontal type Horizontal type
5 Daily Handling capacity 6 tons 8 tons 10 tons
6 Material of reactor Q245R thickness 12/14/16mm same same
7 Working pressure Normal pressure pressure
8 Main engine rotating speed 0.8R/min 0.8R/min 0.8R/min
9 Power 16-25KW 16-25KW 16-25KW
10 Cooling Mode Water Water Water
11 Cooling area of


67.231sqm 67.231sqm 67.231sqm
12 Heating Mode Direct Direct Direct
13 Installation Main engine integral installation Same Same
14 Noise dB (A) <=75 <=75 <=75
15 Machine dimension(mm) D2200*L6000 D2600*L6600 D2800*L6000
16 Working Mode Continuous feeder Continuous feeder Continuous feeder
17 Weight (T) 27T 34T 39T
18 Equipment Production Period 10 working days 10 working days 10 working days


Pyrolysis plants working process:

Why choose us?

You can wonder what’s the difference between our pyrolysis plants and others. Let me tell you why you choose us.

    1. Lower cost: our plants can feed complete tyres automatically and the outlet gas can be used as fuel material, save manpower and fuel cost.
    2. High safety. Manpower do not need to go inside the reactor ensure security.
    3. Hight efficiency. Only 2 hours can finish the loading process.
    4.  Rational utilization. 50ton hydraulic, powerful makes full use of the room of reactor.


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