20 Years experience waste plastic pyrolysis plant from China

Company overview:

Xinxiang HUAYIN waste plastic pyrolysis plant can be used to recycle waste rubber tires, waste scrap rubber, waste industrial mixed plastics, and also multi-kind flotsams exist at the same time, but PET and PVC are excepted.We also have oil distillation machine for Waste oils, like waste diesel and engine oil, waste engine oil, and waste oil residue, etc.

Since we have talked the reacotr, auto-feeder, catalyst chamber and condenser at before, today I will introduce you the specilities of oil-water separator, anti-back fire device and the dust remove device of ourwaste plastic pyrolysis plant.

Oil-water separator:

The oil-water separator has the three following functions:

    1. Separate oil and water automatically. if you want to know the working theory, you can come to our factory and we’ll tell you.
    2. Collect heavy oil. This is the primary crude oil, in the follwing process,  you will see the second oil tank.
    3. Water sealing design keep safety. Everbody know safety is the most important factor during process.

Anti-back fire device:

    1. Recycle residual gas to furnace as fuel, for this function, you can save much more fuel materials.
    2. Water sealing design prevent tempering that avoid accidents occur.

Dust remove device:

Dispose of flue gas caused by using coal, wood, oil or natural gas.

HUAYIN corporate plastic pyrolysis plant technology support:

1. We are engaged in refining and manufacturing enquipment for 20 years, with several research departments, universities.
2. Xinxiang HUAYIN has two oil laboratory test sites.
3. Six R&D engineers and more than 20 technicians.


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