The new generation waste rubber pyrolysis plant from HUAYIN

Technology support:

    Instead of landfill or burning,HUAYIN waste rubber pyrolysis plant use green technology for waste management. You can turn waste rubber into crude oil. If you use our distillation machine for further processing, you will get gasoline and diesel with big profits.

Six different models of HUAYIN rubber pyrolysis plant and their specifications:

Models 2200*6000
Boiler plate Q245R/Q345R
Thickness 12/14/16/18mm
Condensers (to your requirement) Vertical condenser
Horizontal condenser(recommended)
Product series 4th generation
5th generation
Slagging system Bucket elevator
Carbon black vacuum
Final product
(take tires for example)
oil 45-50%
Carbon black 25-30%
Steel wire 10-15%
gas 5%
Total weight 30-35T
Total power 19kw
Space needed 150m2
Workers 4

Pioneer of rubber pyrolysis plant:

    HUAYIN have been engaged in pyrolysis plant field for 20 years, from the very immature begining to today’s professional manufacturer, we have experienced too many diffculties and tests, but we are succeed, we never stop innovation and always keep advancing with times. In today’s complex global market, It’s our great honor to introduce our waste plastic/tire/rubber pyrolysis plant to the friends all around the world. Wish every customer get the most suitable machine and have a succeed business.

Working time for different models of rubber pyrolysis palnt:

The whole working process include four steps, so the working time is also varied. Simply speaking, the four steps include feeding, processing, cooling and discharge.

Model Feeding Processing Cooling Discharge total
2200*6000 2hr 7-8hr 2hr 2hr 14hr
2200*6600 2hr 8hr 2hr 2hr 14hr
2600*6000 3 hr 10 hr 3 hr 3 hr 19 hr
2800*6000 3 hr 12 hr 3 hr 3 hr 21 hr
2800*6600 3 hr 13-14 hr 3 hr 3 hr 23 hr

Attention: For the first furnace, you may need a longer time to heat the reactor as the new device is a little wet, remember to use soft fire to dry it to extend machine life.


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