2013 updated design waste pyrolysis plant in gujarat

Background information:

In gujarat, many customers say that there are large amounts of waste tyres/plastics/rubber that they don’t know who to recycle it. It’s an environmental problem and occupy lots of space. For this problem, Xinxiang HUAYIN is very glad to introduce you waste pyrolysis plant in gujarat.

Turn waste into oil:

    In fact, waste tire, plastics and scrap rubber are big treasure, after pyrolysis processing, we can get crude oil, carbon black and steel wire from these wastes.We can make our world much cleaner, our pyrolysis machine can help you achieve all of these. Think it seriously, waste tire and plastics are increasing every moment, while, oil resources are decreasing every single day, Huayin adopt green technology to turn these wastes into fuel oil with big profits and environmental friendly. Come on and join us!

3D Working flow chart:

From the upper picture, you can see the pyrolysis plant working process clearly:

At the very begining, we use auto-feeder to put raw materials into the furnace and then seal the inlet door tightly. After finishing feeding work, we begin to heat the reactor, the fuel materials can be coal, wood, oil and natural gas. Here you may care the energy cost, don’t worry, later I’ll give you a good explanation. The reactor is being heated slowly and when its temperature reaches around 80-100 degree Celsius, the solid tyre will turned to oil gas and flow to our cooling systems directly. With our cooling condenser’s effect, the oil gas will be cooled down and turned to liquid oil that goes to the first heavy oil tank. Well, the other oil gas which can not be liquefied will be recycled back to the furnace instead of the fuel materials to heat the reactor, which can save you energy cost. After finishing oil processing, the reactor’s temperature will slow down, then the carbon black will be discharged automatically. When the reactor’s temperature falls to 100℃, workers can open the reactor and discharge the steel wire. After all the process finished, we can begin another batch working.

Ok, I think all of you may have a basic understanding of our pyrolysis plant in gujarat, welcome to China and visit our factory, looking forward to have a good cooperaiton with you.


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