2013 safe waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant from HUAYIN

In today’s global trading market, there are so many similar manufacturers selling waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant, the plant looks alike,  the market is definitely a mess. As a customer, you may always feel confused. How to choose the best product? So, I will introduce our special advantages to you.

Three are three most important aspects that everyone cared: security, oil yield and environmental friendly.

1. Security:

    Our pyrolysis equipment have anti-blocking device, also have pressure gauges, alarms, safety valves and vacuum equipment. Normal operation are going on under negative pressure or ordinary pressure. In case of congestion, there will be pressure that arouses alarm, if no response from workers, safety valves will decompress pressure automatically. Our tyre recycling pyrolysis plant guarantee no accidents. Workers shall operate normally and check pressure gauges, alarm and safety valve pipe flow regular. To ensure safety in production, the shift workers are not free to their posts.

2. Oil yield: the following form will give you a full explanation

Raw material Oil yield Steel wire

Waste tire/rubber

Big tyres 45%-50% 15%-20%

Waste plastic

Car tyres 40% 10%-15%
Bicycles and motorcycles tyres 30%-35% 5%-10%
Fishing net 45%-50%
Safety net, farm-oriented film 45%-50%
Convenient bags, weave bags 40%
Off-cut of recycled paper mill 20%-30%

3. Environmental friendly:

    Environment protection: environmental protection include four parts: water, slag, gas, sound.
    A. Water includes two parts. First, condensing water can be recycled. No pollution, only a little high temperature.
    B. As by-product, slag can make carbon black. Pastes and industry or agriculture coal after adding chemicals.
    C. Gas include wo parts. First, exhaust and hydrogen produced in the refining process through the exhaust gas recovery system; Second, smoke dust generated meet emission standards of national requirements after the dust treatment of dust catcher.
    D. Sound emissions are bellow the national standard.

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