HUAYIN 2013 5th generation waste plastic pyrolysis plant in india

Plastic pyrolysis plant is more and more popular in India nowadays as waste tire/plastics and rubber are increasing every minute. Let’s see this environmental-friendly device.

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail: 40’FR + 40’HQ
Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving advance payment


1.tire/rubber/plastic to crude oil or diesel
2.Get 45% tire oil,30% carbon,15% steel
3.Export to India, Pakistan, Turkey , etc

Plastic pyrolysis plant in India:

    The whole plastic pyrolysis plant consists of 12 parts:reactor, catalyst chamber, oil-water seperator, cooling system, oil tank, anti-back fire device, buffer tank, negative pressure device, dust removal system, draught fan, chimney and other optional parts like auto feeder, carbon black discharging system, working platform, etc.


Here, I need to point out our anti-back fire device specially. There are many manufacurers produce plastic pyrolysis plant that exported to foreign countries like India, but most of their machines don’t have anti-back fire device. For we have this device, it’s is much safer, more energy saving and environmental friendly.

Anti-back fire device:

    With this special design, it can recycle waste tail gas back to furnace to save your fuel costs, at the same time, it’s environmental friendly. In addition, water sealing design guarantees that the tail gas can not go back to the reactor and accessories so that keep machine safe and extend lifetime.

The following working flow chart helps you underatsnd our plastics pyrplysis plant better:

Hope you have a successful carrer!

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