Pyrolysis plant recycle waste plastic to fuel oil with zero pollution

Pyrolysis plant necessity:

    We do a survey in India, from the the following data, we can see that pyrolysis plant that recycle waste plastic to fuel oil is very urgent. The survey statistics shows that at least 200kg of waste plastic is generated per day in the jurisdiction of each ward in India, and that setting up a 300 kg plant could yield 180 litres of fuel a day.

Raw materials that can be recycled by our pyrolysis plant:

    Since plastics have many different types as the material quality differs from each other. Some of them can be recycled to fuel oil, some of them can not be recycled. PE, PP, PS, ABS can be used, but PVC and PET are not suitable. Residue of paper, house garbage, plastic cable and bag,submarine cable and rubber cable, sole, big tyre and small tyre, all these are suitable to be recycled.

Advanced technology and special of HUAYIN machinery:

Oil-water separator:

    This is the oil-water separator, a safety device. Many other manufacturers also have this device, but we are the first one, so only we know the  working theory. For one thing, it can separate the oil and water as we all know that oil density is lighter than water. For another thing, it can prevent the waste gas which can not be purified go back to the furance to heat the reactor. Once the gas flow back to the reactor, it will be very dangerous that cause explosion. Let’s imagine that when you discharge the carbon black,if the tail gas go back to the reactor,the oxygen will come, too. If the temperature is very high,in this condition,the accident happened.While, with our oil-water seperator, the tail gas will never go back to the reactor to cause danger. If you want to know the operating principle, welcome to our factory.

Choose the best pyrolysis palnt that turn waste plastic to fuel oil, be safety and profitable with good quality, welcome to HUYAIN.

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