Xinxiang Huayin waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant in uk

HUAYIN company brief introduction:

It’s our great honor to introduce our tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant on sale in UK to all of you. In fact, we manufacture both pyrolysis plant and distillation machine. Pyrolysis plant is used to recycle waste tyre/plastic/rubber into fuel oil for burning. While, distillation machine is used to refine fuel oil/crude oil/waste engine oil into diesel and gasoline for economic protits. Welcome to China and visit our factory, we will serve you with the best quality machine.

Pyrolysis plant  working flow chart:

From the above 5th generation pyrolysis plant working processing, you can see that we have two oil tanks. The oil tank A is designed for heavy oil. The oil tank B is for better oil. You can also see the two big condensers that adopt horizontial design. For this design, the cooling effect is much better than the previous vertical one. It’s our engineers’ invention after long terms research and efforts.

Pyrolysis plant warranty:

We guarantee one year warranty of our machine, as for other components, we guarrantee 500 to 750 batches.

After sales service:

We will send professional technician to your country after you buy our pyrolysis plant to help you install the machine and guide your workers. Whenever you have any questions, we will teach you how to solve it online or by telephone at once. If the problem still exists, we will send the best engineers to your factory to solve the problem.

Welcoem to HUAYIN. Build your carrer!

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