Buy Huayin oil pyrolysis plant in India from China

Oil pyrolysis plant in India:

    Huayin pyrolysis plant is very popular in india nowadays, it has its necessity. India, today has developed rapidly and leapfrogged among world top countries in plastic and tyre fields. The annual tire output amount is very high in india. Waste tires and plastics over 50million every year and the number will continue to rise by double digit yearly, but 70% of waste tires and plastics can not be recycled rightly. Apart from this, less than 50% of waste tires are recycled. India is currently suffering from superfluous wastes that cause serious environmental pollution. We are very glad to introduce you oil pyrolysis palnt in india that turn wastes into treasure.

Working time you may need:

let’s take 10 tons waste tires that processed by Huayin oil pyrolysis plant as an example:

Model Feeding Processing Cooling Discharge total
2200*6000 2hr 7-8hr 2hr 2hr 14hr
2200*6600 2hr 8hr 2hr 2hr 14hr
2600*6000 3 hr 10 hr 3 hr 3 hr 19 hr
2800*6000 3 hr 12 hr 3 hr 3 hr 21 hr
2800*6600 3 hr 13-14 hr 3 hr 3 hr
23 hr

High quality after-sales service:

    1. Huayin will send professional engineer to your country and help you install the pyrplysis plant and debugging the equipment.
    2. Training yours workers to operate the oil pyrolysis plant and guiding them of safe production.
    3. Explaining the routine maintenance of the oil pyrolysis plant carefully.

Oil pyrolysis plant sell to India packaging and delivery:


Packaging Details: 40’FR + 40’HQ
Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving advance payment

– See more at:


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