Huayin 2013 newest plastic pyrolysis plant on sale in india

Turn waste into energy in India:

    The appearance of plastic pyrolysis plant in india is not by accident. Compared with the western developed countries, India is still immature in handling with such large amounts of waste plastics. You know, in our highly modern society, on the one hand, the plastic industry has been developing vigorously, the plastic products have been widely used in our daily lives. On the other hand, more plastic goods are produced and accumulated to big amount as a result of erode-resistant characteristic of the plastic, thus cause a big public hazard to the environment and hygiene. What is worse, the problem has become more and more serous in recent years. For this condition, the plastic pyrolysis plant that turn waste into energy is so needed in india.

Reactor and the cooling system:

    Reactor and the cooling system are the most two important parts of plastic pyrolysis plant. Reactor decides the machine’s whole life directly, our reactor is made of Q345R steel plate, so we can guarantee the reactor 500 to 750 batches. As to the cooling system, there are two steps, the first step is the cooling pipe, the second step is two big condensers with horizontial design, the cooling effect is much better than the previous design. You know the cooling effect decides the oil yield and oil quality directly.

Huayin plastic pyrolysis plant in india fetures:

    1. Save labors with our auto-feeder, you can put whole tires into reactor without crushing.
    2. Security equipment like two water sealing devices, safety-valve, auto-alarm and vacuum device.
    3. High oil yield and good quality oil with specialized catalyst.
    4. Energy saving as flammable gas can be recycled to furnace as fuel materials.
    5. Great cooling effect with cooling pipe and two condensers.
    6. Environmental friendly as waste gas processed by our dust removal system and reach national standard.


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