Tyre oil/used oil to diesel and gasoline distillation pyrolysis plant

Distillation pyrolysis plant necessity:

    Nowadays, more and more people not only need crude oil and fuel oil, but also diesel and gasoline. Why? Interests urging and energy crisis. If you can get diesel and gasoline from distillation pyrolysis plant, you can sell them with good price thus get economic profits. Huyain distillation pyrolysis plant use advanced technology that refine waste engine oil and crude oil into standard diesel and gasoline with zero pollution to satisfy your needs.

Why choose HUAYIN distillation pyrolysis plant:

    1. Experience of 20 years and install more than 500 sets of pyrolysis plants last year around the world.
    2. Domestic industry pioneer and leader in manufacturing, supplying and installing distillation pyrolysis plants all around the world.
    3. 10ton per day input capacity continuous tire and plastic pyrolysis plants.
    4. ISO9001:2000 and seven pyrolysis technology patents.
    5. Zero environmental pollution working process and use of green technology to save energy.
    6. Highest quality of pyrolysis oil comparable to standard diesel nad gasoline: sell directly or put into car engine.
    7. Security: No charcoal leakage, no smell, no hazardous emission, no health hazards to workers
    8. Timely delivery of pyrolysis plants and quick professional instillation under our technicians guidance.

Running waste oil distillation pyrolysis plant:

Welcome to visit our factory, we have running plant for you visiting and standard laboratory to test the oil quality.

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/Distillation-Plant/Tyre-oil-used-oil-to-diesel-and-gasoline-distillation-pyrolysis-plant_320.html#sthash.GrX2Uaon.dpuf


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