Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant:

    You can buy various automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant with high quality from HUAYIN machinery since we have 20 years production and installation experience from 1993. Our equioment include waste tire recycling plant, waste plastic pyrolysis machine, waste oil distillation machine and decoloring device. Most of our products have been exported to Italy, Romania, Thailand, Russia, Lebanon, Pakistan and India.

Product specialities:

    1. Since huayin waste tire pyrolysis plant has auto-feeder, you do not need to crush tires by labors. Our machine can feed raw materials into reactor automatically. It saves you manpower and improves working efficiency.
    2. Two water sealing equipment with safety-valve and auto-alarming device, vacuum device ensure worker’s security.
    3. Specialized catalyst chamber improves oil yield and oil quality.
    4. Tail gases can be recycled to furnace as fuel materials. In this way, you will save more energy. For another way, it’s environmental friendly.
    5. All cooling waters are circulatory.
    6. Flue gases are processed by dust removal device and each emission standard without pollution.

Waste tire pyrolysis plant final products:

Crude oil
carbon black
steel wire

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/Pyrolysis-Plant/Waste-Tire-Pyrolysis-Plant_321.html#sthash.xkQ5SnFv.dpuf


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