Xinxiang huayin waste to oil pyrolysis plant

Waste to oil pyrolysis plant brief introduction:

    Waste to oil pyrolysis plant is an industry adopts advanced green technology that recycles waste tyres and waste plastics into fuel oil(crude oil), carbon black, steel wire and flammable gas. The final products are widely used as industrial fuel materials for heating, steam or electricity.You can also do deep processing for the end products or sell them directly. Waste to oil pyrolysis plant is also known as: pyrolysis equipment, waste to oil industry, tire to fuel oil industry, plastic and tyre recycling equipment etc.

We always classify the waste to oil pyrolysis plant under the following categories:

    Waste plastic and tyre pollution control equipment
    Waste to energy industry
    Renewable energy equipment

Pyrolysis plant turn waste into energy:

Why choose Huayin waste to oil pyrolysis plant:

    Huayin waste to oil pyrolysis plant adopts green technology to avoid environmental pollution.
    Both waste tyres & plastics can be used as raw materials for processing.
    Continuous plastic pyrolysis working flow chart.
    Waste to oil pyrolysis plant use breakthrough technologies that ensure safety, profitability and easy operation.
    More than 90% parts of pyrolysis equipment are fixed thus reduces the recurring maintenance.
    Seven professional patents in pyrolysis plant industry.
    Flammable external fuel that can be yecycled for heating to save your energy.
    High quality of fuel oil as the final product.

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