China professional waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant supplier

Knowledge of pyrolysis technology:

    Waste tyre or plastic recycling pyrolysis is a recycling technique that converting plastic or tyre waste into industrial fuels like pyrolysis oil, monomers, or other valuable materials by thermal and catalytic cracking processes like carbon black, steel wire and hydrocarbon gas. It allows the treatment of mixed, unwashed plastic wastes.

Variety of polymer waste material is suitable as raw material. Given below the list for you customer reference:

    Instant noodles
    Tail material from paper factory
    House refuse
    Pure plastic cable skin
    Truck tire
    Car tire/bicycle tire
    Rubber cable skin/tread
    Waste chemical fibber carpet materials
    Mixed rubber

Six different sizes of tyre recycling pyrolysis plant for customer needs:

No. Model Reactor size Weight Volume Capacity Note
1 HY5 2200*6000mm 27 MT 23 m³ 5 MT/Batch 3 batches 2 days
2 HY6 2200*6600mm 29 MT 25 m³ 6 MT/Batch 3 batches 2 days
3 HY8 2600*6000mm 32 MT 32 m³ 8 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
4 HY9 2600*6600mm 34 MT 35 m³ 9 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
5 HY10 2800*6000mm 35 MT 37 m³ 10 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
6 HY12 2800*6600mm 38 MT 41 m³ 12 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day

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Advanced and profitable waste to energy project with huayin tyre to oil machine

What can we get “WTE pjojet:

    Let’s talk about “WASTE TO ENERGY” project. In one word, WTE means the process of converting waste tyre/plastic/engine oil to useful fuel oil and valuable diesel. See what can we benefit: WTE processes will make an impact on our environment and will be a quite lucrative investment! This WTE process eliminates landfills, piles of used tires, asbestos, and toxic material by converting the waste into electricity, fuel, steam, construction/highway aggregate, and a superior insulation and creates jobs.

Final products output information:

Tire fuel oil: 45%
Carnon black: 30%
Steel wire: 15%
Flammable oil gas: 10%


Tire fuel oil: Oil from our recycling pyrolysis machine can be used as industrial fuel materials for burning.
Carbon black: Carbon black from this machine is crude, so you can sell it to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory which need it as raw materials, such as shoe, tire, cable and sealant companies. You can take carbon black for deep processing.
Steel wire: It can be sold to the iron and steel company directly.
Flammable oil gas: It can be recycled to the reactor to burn as fuel material.

Six models of the machine for your choice:

2200× 6000mm HY-6T
2200× 6600mm HY-7T
2600× 6000mm HY-8T
2600× 6600mm HY-9T
2800× 6000mm HY-10T
2800× 6600mm HY-12T
In addition to the above tyre recycling pyrolysis machine, we also have the oil distillation machine and deodrant equipment. Let’ us work together to do this green waste to energy cause. Welcome to choose.

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Huayin group official promotional website and global marketing website

Company profile:

    Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional waste to energy recycling pyrolysis plant manufacturer from China for 20 years since 1993. We have established more than 1000 sets of pyrolysis machine around the world. Our products include waste tire/tyre recycling pyrolysis plant, waste plastic recycling pyrolysis machine, waste oil distillation machine, oil decoloring and deodorant device. All of our equipment adopt advanced green technology without any environmental pollution. Customers can get fuel oil, steel wire, carbon black, diesel and gasoline after processed through our pyrolysis plant. Huayin has three professional factories and running pyrolysis plant for customers visit. Further more, we have standard laboratory to ensure the oil yield and quality. We have certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and nine patents for our equipment. HUAYIN is a company with Christian background. Honesty is our supreme principle in international trade, it brings us friendships with customers and build up a fine reputation in the global market.

Huayin spirit:


Huayin principle:

High standard
Refined manufacturing
Strict checking
Pursuing perfect

Global marketing websites and official website:

Huayin Group has several marketing websites oriented different regions around the world to meet customer needs. Let’s see the different links:
Southeast Asian market:
North America market:
South America
Although Huayin Group has so many marketing websites, is the only official promotional website. The only contact email is: Welcome your inquiry! Thank you!

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High oil output waste tyre convert to oil recycling plant

What do we have?

1. Established in 1993,from 1993 to 2013, HUAYIN group only produce waste tyre/plastic recycling to fuel oil plant.
2. From the first original device to today’s newest 5th generation pyrolysis plant, we accumulate rich experience in this field.
3. We have 30 experienced professors with independent laboratory and 2000 square meters demo running factory which displays our equipment from the first generation device to the 5th generation equipment.
4. Standard laboratory can test kinematic viscosity, flash point and other aspect of the fuel oil. If you need, we can also give you on-site decoloring presentation.
5. 5-12 MT/batch capacity model for your choice.
6. CE, ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001.
7. 9 national patents.

Composition of waste tyre recycling plant:

Each set of waste tyre recycling plant is composed by 13 parts: Reactor, catalyst chamber, water-oil separator, two big horizontal Condensers(great cooling effect),two oil tank, anti-back fire device, negative pressure device,vacuum device, buffer tank, water jet flue, condenser pipe, de-dusting system, draft fan and chimney.


    My dear customers, if you know this waste tyre recycling palnt very well, just inpect the quality of everything and choose the best professional manufacturer. If you have never know this project and just touch this business the first time, please learn the working process well. This is a good investment for you, with good machine, experienced manufacturer and good service means that you’re a good investor and have a very excellent taste. Hope you a happy journey in China.

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Professional waste tyre recycling plant manufacturer from XINXIANG HUAYIN

Waste tyre recycling plant:

    XINXIANG HUAYIN  is professional waste tyre recycling plant manufacturer around the world. Our plant have been exported to India, Malaysia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon, Mexico, etc. Huayin group have rich experience in producing and establishing tyre recycling plant. Our plant adopts simple and safety design with economic and practical application.

Technical parameters you may interested:

Items Contents
Raw materials Waste tyre/tire, waste plastic, waste rubber
Final products Heavy Crude Oil, carbn black, steel wire
Model HY-6T/8T/10T
Size of reactor D2600mm*L6000mm
24-hour capacity 10 tones
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Heating material Coal, wood, natural gas or fuel oil
Average out-put oil rate 40%-45%
Material of reactor Q345R steel plate, Q245R, bimetal steel plate
Thickness of reactor 14mm, 16mm, 18mm
Safety ensure Automatic reducing valve and ring
Water consumption Recycling water
Working mode Automatic feeding
Delivery time 15 days after receiving advance payment
Service 24 hours service for you


    HUAYIN have installed many highly sophisticated and advanced waste tyre recycling plant that adopts pyrolysis technology. This plant uses 100% waste tyre for recycling. The complete process is eco-friendly as it does not use chemical ingredients. Further more, the process is free from any form of pollution. The plant helps in producing economical products and also solves tyre wastage problem. In addition, it saves from various diseases, which are likely to be spread from tyre waste. This is the most cost-effective waste tyre recycling technology in the world and can be applied to all rubber based material. The products extracted from this system are by-products of tyre production and can be widely used as alternative source of energy for petroleum products and natural gas. Welcome to visit our factory.

Q235R Boiler plate tire furnace oil recycling pyrolysis machine

Waste to energy project:

    WASTE CONVERSION TO ENERGY:Waste tire to furnace oil pyrolysis process that convert tire to oil will make an impact on our environment and will be a quite lucrative investment! This WTE process eliminates landfills, piles of used tires, asbestos, and toxic material by converting the waste into electricity, fuel, steam, construction/highway aggregate, and a superior insulation……and creates jobs!

Three links tire to fuel oil and diesel processing:

The first link: waste tire and plastic to fuel oil recycling plant. This link can process raw material to fuel oil. This link needs 400 square meters
The second link: distillation process. Pump the fuel oil or crude oil to this link to get diesel and gasoline. This process needs around 400 meters.
The third link: decoloring and deodorant process. Process the diesel and gasoline which come from the second link to get clean diesel and gasoline with good color and smell. It needs around 200 square meters.
For all these three tire to oil and diesel process, the whole set needs 1000 squares meters.

Huayin tire to furnace oil plant features:

1. Q345R boiler plate of reactor guarantee the service life and security.
2.  Electric cabinet help you watch the temperature and easy to control power.
3.  Special catalyst improves oil yield and oil quality.
4.  The residual gas are flammable ahich can be recycled to furnace as fuel thus save energy cost.
5. Flue gas is processed by dust removal device that reaches the national emission standard.
6. Experienced engineers will help you establish the plant and train your workers.

2013 New-technology waste tyre to oil recycling plant with huayin brand

Waste tyre to oil equipment:

    In India, waste tyre and waste plastic can be found everywhere around our daily lives, so now the waste tyre to oil plant is very popular there. It is widely used for recycling wastes to energy. The raw materials can be waste tires/tyres, plastics and rubber. Among different kinds of raw materials, the oil yiled are also varied, this passage will give you the detailed information to help you choose the most suitable equipment.

Different raw materials have different oil yield:

Raw materials Oil yield
PE 95%
PP 90%
PS 90%
ABS 40%
Residue of paper 15-20%(Wet),  60%(dry)
House garbage 35-50%
Plastic cable 80%
Plastic bag 50%
Submarine cable 75%
Rubber cable 35%
Sole 30%
Big tyre 45-50%
Small tyre 35-40%
PVC Not suitable
PET Not suitable

Waste tyre to oil recycling process:

    At the very first, put raw materials into reactor with auto-feeder, heat the reactor with fuel materials like coal, wood, natural gas or oil. Do not stop heating the reactor, when the temperature reaches nearly 250℃, waste tyre will be transferred to oil gas. Second, the liquid oil will be cooled by condenser from oil gas and then collected by oil tank. Third, the exhaust gas which can’t be cooled in normal pressure will be recycled to heat the reactor. In this way, you can not only saving energy, but also protecting environment. Fourth, smoke produced by processing the tyres/plastics can achieve national emission standard through dual desulfurization and dusting removal device. Fifth, after you get oil, the temperature will be low, at this time, carbon black will be discharged automatically. Last, when the temperature falls to 100 degree Celsius, worker could put steel wire hook to reactor to take steel wire out. After all these steps, you can start another batch.

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