2013 newest waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant

Waste to energy pyrolysis plant:

Waste tire, waste plastic, waste rubber and waste oil etc. are increasing every moment.
At the same time, oil energy are decreasing every single day.
How to deal with these problems?
We invented green technology waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant.
We are specialized in manufacturing pyrolysis plant for recycling waste tires, waste plastic, waste rubber etc. and distillation machine for recycling waste oil, crude oil, used engine oil etc.

Pyrolysis plant technical parameter:

Items contents
Model HY-6T HY-7T HY-8T HY-9T
Size of Reactor D2200*L6000 D2200*L6600 D2600*L6000 D2600*L6600
Raw Material Waste Tire/Plastic/Rubber
Final Products Fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire
Material of Reactor Q345 Rboiler plate
Thickness of Reactor 12/14/16/18mm
Oil yield 45%-55%
Rotate Speed of Reactor 0.4 turn/minute
Driving Method Gear drive
Cooling Way Water Cooling
Operating Pressure Normal
Noise (db) ≤75

Working process time:

Different models Feeding time(H) Processing time(H) Cooling time(H) Discharge time(H) Total time(H)
HY2200*6000 2hr 7-8hr 2hr 2hr 14hr
HY2200*6600 2hr 8hr 2hr 2hr 14hr
HY2600*6000 3 hr 10 hr 3 hr 3 hr 19 hr
HY2800*6000 3 hr 12 hr 3 hr 3 hr 21 hr
HY2800*6600 3 hr 13-14 hr 3 hr 3 hr 23 hr

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/Pyrolysis-Plant/2013-newest-waste-tire-plastic-pyrolysis-plant_324.html#sthash.Gt6HhJkP.dpuf


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