Huayin waste tire/plastic recycling pyrolysis plant for sale

To customer:

    My customers: First of all, i just want to ask you, in terms of quality and price, which side do you prefer? Sure, everyone wants to buy high quality products with the lowest price. Similar products have different qualities: good or bad, the price is certainly not the same. As to pyrolysis plant, this investment, in terms of security and effectiveness, are at risk, while, these risks are vital for investors. Just imagine, If you buy inferior pyrolysis equipment with low price, once happened a security incident, the consequences could be disastrous. Another possibility is that poor-quality equipment have problems at intervals, it can never go into normal operaiton. At this time, you will regret that you buy a useless device, but it’s late, your fortune dream shattered. So, it’s very important to do a detailed survey in the market, you will find Huayin pyrolysis plant is the most reliable equipment.

Huayin pyrolysis plant security:

Security is the most important factor for customers to care about. If your pyrolysis plant is not safe, you business will fall to ruin.    
For huayin pyrolysis plant:
First, we have all-around safety devices such as alarming device, pressure gauge and safety valve. Once there are some pressure in the reactor, the alarming device will ring and even no workers hear it, it does not matter as we have the reducing pressure device automatically.
Second, we use special design of oil-water seperator which can avoid the oil gas flow back to the reactor.
Third, the design of anti-back fire device which can stop the fire go be back to the reactor that ensures security.
Fourth, we have negative pressure device which can make the whole refining procedure be on the normal pressure so there will be no blast.

Huayin pyrolysis plant environmental friendly:

There are two steps of huayin pyrolysis plant to move the pollution.
A.The smoke from the coal&charcoal&wood or other materials will be removed using our dust removal device. There will be no smoke even no vapor.
B.The exhaust gas will be collected through our anti-back fire device. These gases can be sent to the reactor to burn as the fuel materials.

We are always stands in a position to quote you the most advantageous prices for higher quality merchandise. Choose Huayin pyrolysis plant, you will never regret.

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