2013 High profit waste tyre recycling machine

Company profile:

    Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional and modern manufacturer which is specialized in waste tyre recycling machine, waste plastic recycling machine and used oil refining machine since 1993. We have three links of pryolysis machine , tens of independent & professional departments to serve global buyers. In addition, our company has obtained certificates of ISO9001:2000, ISO14001 and CE and many other patents. Welcome your inquiry.

Huayin waste tyre recycling machine specialities:

    Huayin group has installed lots of highly sophisticated and advanced waste tyre recycling machine, which uses pyrolysis technology. This kind of plant uses 100% waste tyre for recycling. The complete process is eco-friendly with zero pollution. The plant helps in producing economical products and also solves tyre wastage problem. Furthermore, it saves from various diseases, which are likely to be spread from tyre waste. This is the most cost-effective waste tyre recycling technology in the world and can be applied to all rubber based material. The products extracted from this system are by-products of tyre production and can be widely used as alternative source of energy for petroleum products and natural gas. Welcoem to join this win-win business!

Waste tyre recycling machine profits analysis:

Take 10 tons waste tyre raw materials as an example:

NO Item Cost of per batch
1 10 tons of waste tyre 10T*1500RMB/T=15,000RMB
2 0.4tons of coal 0.4T*800RMB/T=320RMB
3 Water and electricity 200*1.00RMB=200RMB
4 Worker 4*100RMB=400RMB
5 Total cost 15,920RMB
NO Item Income
1 Crude oil 10*45%*4500RMB=20,250RMB
2 Carbon black 10T*35%*520RMB=1,820RMB
3 Steel wire 10T*15%*2200RMB=3,300 RMB
4 Daily gross profit 25,370 RMB
5 Daily net profit 25,370 RMB -15,920 RMB =9,450 RMB
6 Monthly net profit 9,450 RMB *20=189,000 RMB
7 Yearly net profit 189,000 RMB *10=1,890,000 RMB

From the above chart, you can see clearly that waste tyre recycling plant is a profitable project. Choosing high quality pyrolysis plant is the most important thing, HUAYIN waste tyre recyling plant can satisfy all your needs, welcome to visit our factory and plants.

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