Hot Selling! Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

Waste tyre recycling plant:

    Nowadays, more and more waste tyres appeared in our daily life, while, most people always use the traditional way to deal with the wastes, like burning or landfilling. But it’s not the best way to do waste tyre recycling, it still cause land waste and smoke pollution. Huayin group invented waste tyre recycling plant with advanced technology to deal with the wastes.It’s your best choice to build business, welcome to join us!

Waste tyre recycling plant 3D working flow chart:

    Waste tyres recycling plant  working process: automatic feed → catalytic cracking → oil-water separation → cooling liquid → carbon black discharge → carbon black processing → crude oil → flammable gas recovery → flammable gas combustion → dust removal

Huayin specialities:

    1. Huayin waste tyre recycling plant adopts auto welding technique, it can not only improve working efficiency greatly but also ensure the welding quality.
    2. We adopt special operating technique to deal with all the bugs during the working process for free.
Energy saving:
    1. Well sealing heating system and special operating technique can improve the output rate by 5%.
    2. The exhaust gas can be recycled for reactor heating, this system will enable you do not need to add fuel material after there is gas vapour generated during the processing of waste tyre recycling plant .

About us:

    Huayin group is specialized in manufacturing waste tyre recycling plant, waste plastic pyrolysis plant, waste oil distillation machine and decoloring device for 20 years. We are the pioneer in this field since 1993. Different from others, we have a special factory with 2000 square meters for laboratory and running plant. Welcome your inquiry and visiting. Thank you!

– See more at:–Waste-Tyre-Recycling-Plant_326.html#sthash.EoC9Thq8.dpuf

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