Best supplier Huayin pyrolysis fuel oil from waste tyre and plastic

Get pyrolysis fuel oil from pyrolysis processing:

    Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd manages a variety of pyrolysis fuel oil equipment, mainly includes waste tyre/tire pyrolysis plant, waste plastic and rubber pyrolysis plant, waste oil distillation plant and decoloring device. After pyrolysis processing, customer can get pyrolysis fuel oil. But this is not the end, the following slagging process is also very important.

Slagging device of pyrolysis fuel oil equipment:

Usage: slagging carbon black and waste residue out with chasing.
Composite: chasing in reactor, slagging door, dust-free slagging door, slagging pool.
Superiority: built-in slagging, seal with water, no pollution, no dust emissions.
Our pyrolysis fuel oil equipment has the most practical and environmental slagging device. welcome to choose us!

Tips during slagging:

    Before slagging, workers must wear long-sleeved labour suits and safety helmet. Open the slagging door firstly and then use special tool to remove screws of reactor’s slagging cover, leave two symmetrical screws behind. Loosen the last two screws, pry the slagging cover slightly to check whether it is burning, if it is, there’s still oil remained. Lock the door promptly and continue to heat slags. If it’s not, remove slagging door qucikly and seal outer door, let the reactor slagging according to reactor’s direction. After finishing slagging, when waste steel wire rotating to 45 °, launch the winch promptly and pull the steel wire easily, otherwise, it’s impossible to get it.

Following methods to deal with the slags for your reference:

1. Discharge slag into carbon black box and get it directly.
2. Use spiral tube to lift it.
3. Use vacuum pump to draw it.
4. Water the pit and get it with mud pump.
5. Use water to flush it.

Welcome to choose huayin pyrolysis fuel oil equipment, we are always stand in a position to quote you the most competitive price.

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