Pyrolysis oil from waste tire and plastic

Turn waste to pyrolysis oil:

    With huayin pyrolysis plant, you can use waste tires and waste plastics as raw material to get pyrolysis oil. From the following pictures, you can see that our machine have double feeding doors, the bigger one can input tyres, the smaller one can input plastics. Remember do not mix tyres and plastics at the same time, just separately, one batch for tyres, one batch for plastics. Turn waste to pyrolysis oil, it benifits both you and our environment.

Quick details about our pyrolysis plant:

No. Item Parameter
1. Raw materials Waste plastic, Waste tire and rubber
2. Total capacity 10 MT/Batch
3. The dimension of reactor D2800mm*L6600mm
4. Average oil productivity 30%-85% (depend on raw material )
5. Average Carbon black 20%-40%
6. Total process time 22 hr
7. Pressure of  machine Constant pressure
8. Weight 36T
9. Floor area 400m2(40m*10m)
10. Fuel for heating 800 kg coal/1.1T wood/180kg oil

Huayin pyrolysis oil equipment advantages:

1. With auto feeder, you don’t need to crush tyres, our auto-feeder could feeding whole tyre into reactor directly.
2. Our pyrolysis oil equipment has double feeding doors, the bigger one for tyres, the smaller one for plastics.
3. Double catalyst chamber with added molecular sieve can absorb impurities, in this way it can avoid congestion and improve oil quality. Besides, two catalyst chambers could reach double effect of catalytic thus decrease pressure and remove the dust from the oil gas.
4. Two horizontal condensers instead of 5 vertical condenser, we calculate that the volume of one horizontal condenser equals 3 vertical condensers. Besides, the length is twice, so cooling effect will be better, in this way oil output can be guaranteed and raised.
5. Another two length cooling pipes, the cooling area equals one vertical condenser that the cooling result will be better than our forth generation.
6. Double anti-back fire device and two long cooling pipes. Double anti-back fire device will be more safety,and also make full recycling tail gas. The two long pipes can be equaled with one vertical condenser, it will cooling down the tail gas again, guarantee oil output.
7. The exhaust gas, it is white, no pollution, even if you put a white towel on it, you can not see any black. It can meet the internatilnal emission standard.

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