Huayin waste recycling plant supply pyrolysis machine buyer crude oil without pollution

Non-pollution and safety pyrolysis machine:

    The Gujarat Pollution Control Board in India has issued closure notices to 45 units in the city and district which manufactured crude oil from all types of wastes such as waste tyres/plastic/rubber. These units have been constantly creating high amount of air and odour pollution to the environment. Another thing, not too long ago, there is an explosion occured in India in a pyrolysis oil factory, it is because the gas go back to the furnace thus caused explosion.So sad! As pyrolysis machine buyer, once these things happeded to you, it’s disastrous. Choosing non-pollution and safety pyrolysis machine is so important for investors. But today you see our pyrolysis machine, you’re lucky, the bad things will never happened to you since we can supply you the safety pyrolysis machine without any pollution, we have installed more 1000 sets of pyrolysis machine around the world successfully. Welcome to visit our factory.


1. Auto-feeder can bear 50 ton hydraulic pressure thus helps feed more raw materials for pyrolysis machine buyers.
2. The diameter of the auto-feeder is 1.4m. It is available for all kinds of raw materials, including plastic, packages of plastic, truck tire, car tire, or crushed tire pieces.
3. After finishing one batch, it can feed raw materialderectly instead of waiting the reactor to be cooled that save you lots of time.

Catalyst chamber:

1. It is designed to improve the higher oil yield and oil quality.
2. The oil gas which can not be purified will be collected here.
3. Reduce the speed of oil gas so that it can cooled with better effect.
4. Tips: Remember to clean the catalytic chamber once every half a month or a month.

Oil-water separator:

1. The water in raw materialS will be separated and collect here.
2. Water sealing design prevents gas back to the furance thus ensure the safety.
3. Heavy oil will be collected here and flow to the oil tank one.
4. With our safety design, you don’t need to worry the backflow of gas to the reactor which leads to explosion.


    We have three factories totally. One is demo running machine for showing processing lines to pyrolysis machine buyers; One is our big manufacturing shop; And the other one is our oldest factory which our boss refined oil by himself since 1993. In addition, we have our own laboratory to test the oil quality. Always supply you the best service!
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