14/16/18mm Thickness Q345 reactor waste tire/plastic pyrolysis machine

Tree professional factories:

    Huayin group has three factories altogether. One is a demo factory with running pyrolysis machine lines to show our customers; the second one is our big workshop of producing pyrolysis machines.  And the last one is our primary factory which our boss refine oil by himself from 1993. Different from others, we also have our own laboratory to test oil yield and oil quality.

Five models of pyrolysis machine as follows:

Product Model Specifications Per batch capacity Per day output Containers Gross weight Power
HY-2200*6000 2200mm*6000mm 6ton 3ton 2*40HQ 25ton 11kw
HY-2200*6600 2200mm*6600mm 7ton 4ton 2*40HQ 27ton 11kw
HY-2600*6000 2600mm*6000mm 8ton 5ton 1*40HQ&1*FR 30ton 16kw
HY-2800*6000 2800mm*6000mm 10ton 6ton 1*40HQ&1*FR 32ton 17kw
HY-2800*6600 2800mm*6600mm 12ton 7ton 1*40HQ&1*FR 33ton 17kw

Function of the final products:

With the help of huayin pyrolysis machine, you can get final products of crude fuel oil with 45%, carbon black with 30%, steel wire with 15% and flammable gas with 105. Let’s see their functions: 
Crude fuel oil: Widely used as fuel oil in industries such as steel and iron factories, ceramics or chemical industries or hotels, restaurants etc. or used for generators to get electricity.
Carbon black: used for construction bricks with clay  also can be used as fuel  material.
Steel wires: Sold or reprocessing
Combustible gas: Can be recycled and used during process as fuel.

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/Pyrolysis-Plant/14-16-18mm-Thickness-Q345-reactor-waste-tire-plastic-pyrolysis-machine_330.html#sthash.euXx6mHT.dpuf


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