Huayin newest generation waste tire pyrolysis plant with zero pollution

Huayin brand:

    Huayin company, started from 1993, with experience of installing more than1000 sets of tire pyrolysis plant all over the world during 20 years. Our tire pyrolysis plant didn’t cause any safety accident at home and abroad. Advanced technology and professional technicians guarantee the best service for you. Brand quality, deserves trustworthy!

Huayin waste tire pyrolysis plant advantages:

The host machine is composed by reactor,fire channel,outer packaging,slag discharge mouth, etc.
Reactor: waste tire/plastic/rubber pyrolysis plant. Our machine adopt build-in spiral plate design, which is convenient for automatical feeding and slagging.
Fire channel: Composed by several furnaces that can guarantee high utilization rate and save much more energy.
Outer packaging: Adopting several inside layers of refractory material made by steel plate outside which is solid, good looking with better sealing effect.

Catalyst chamber:

    It has three functions: Reduce the speed of the oil gas, catalysis and dust removing. with this special design, the dust will sink automatically that the gas can get through without congestion. Further more, our factory has the specific catalyst which can speed up the pyrolysis speed and improve the oil yield.
    We are always stand in a position to quote you the most advantageous prices of tire pyrolysis plant for higher quality merchandise.

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