Xinxiang Huayin latest design tire to fuel oil recycling machine

Background information:

    Nowadays, vehicle and machine has become more and more popular in our life, the requirement of oil increased accordingly. But the oil resource on the planet is decreasing every single day. Human society is faced with more and more serious petroleum scarce. In order to deal with this problem, huayin company invented the tire to fuel oil recycling machine. It adopts the most advanced green technology that can convert the waste tire and plastic into fuel oil without any environmental pollution. Our equipment has got seven patents and the government support. More reliable with high working efficiency and security. Welcome to choose us!

Tire to fuel oil machine features:

    1. Unique design of Q345R reactor guarantee the machine service life and security.
    2. No necessity to crush tires. The auto-feeder can feed raw materials into reactor automatically that save more manpower and increase working efficiency.
    3. Electric cabinet helps you check the temperature at all times and easy to control power.
    4. Horizontal condensers and water cooling pipe guarantee the cooling effect and improve the oil yield.
    5. The residual gas will be recycled to furnace as fuel materials thus save more energy.
    6. The exhaust gas is processed by dust removal device that can reach national emission standard.
    7. Experienced technicians will help you install the machine and train your workers.


   1.  Waste tire and plastic recycling machine turn waste to fuel oil.
    2. Export to India, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey , etc.
    3. material : PE ,PP , PS , ABS, House garbage, Plastic cable, Plastic bag, Submarine cable, etc.

Packaging & Delivery:

    Packaging Details: 40’FR + 40’HQ
    Delivery Detail: 15 days after receiving advance payment

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