Environmental waste tire to oil plant with CE,ISO & BV certification

Tire to oil recycling machine:

    With the latest research and development, the extraction of oil and raw materials from tyre is going to be a upcoming trend in the pyrolysis plant industry. Huayin waste tire to oil machine can achieve 100% waste tire recycling with green advanced technology and high security. During and after the working process, there are no soil, water and air pollution. Looking forward for your participation.

Waste tire to oil machine working flow chart:

    The first step, load raw materials into the furnace with auto-feeder, the raw material can be waste tire, plastic or scrap rubber. Then seal the feeding inlet tightly and begin to heat the furance with coal, oil, wood or natural gas. The waste raw materials in the reactor will be heated slowly. With countinuous heating, the oil gas will be produced when the temperature reaches to 180°C-400°C. And then the light component and heavy component of the oil gas will be separated by separate device. The light component will flow into the condenser and meanwhile the residues will be discharged automatically in succession. After cooling system, the liquefied part will be crude oil, and the waste gas (this part can not be liquefied) will return to heating supply system to be burned by combustion gas purification system.

Technical parameter as follows:

No. Item Parameter
1. The raw material Waste plastic,Waste tire and rubber
2. Total capacity 10 MT/Batch
3. The dimension of reactor D2800mm*L6600mm
4. Average oil productivity 30%-85% (depend on raw material )
5. Average Carbon black 20%-40%
6. Total process time 22 hr
7. Pressure of  machine Constant pressure
8. Weight 36T
9. Floor area 400m2(40m*10m)
10. Fuel for heating 800 kg coal/1.1T wood/180kg oil

Tire to fuel oil testing site:

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/Environmental-waste-tire-to-oil-plant-with-CE-ISO–amp–BV-certification_336.html#sthash.IeXhGw6l.dpuf


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