Environment protect waste tire oil plant with high profits

Waste tire oil:

    Huayin invented waste tire oil recycling plant which adopts advanced green technology without any environmental pollution. Our aim is to cut down the wastes on tires and plastics and recycle them into fuel oil. It will benefit landfills and help us to clean the environment. While protecting our environment as we dispose so many waste tires and plastics, we also create eco-friendly energy from our pyrolysis palnt processing. New profitable business, welcome to join us!

Preparation of raw materials:

    Separate the ingredient which can not be refined from waste plastic, such as: soil, wood, stone, brick etc. If the raw materials are paper mill’s waste, seperate the pulp. If there is water in raw material, you should dry it first. Three methods as follows: 1. If you have enough area, you can dry the material in the sun. Remember to stir it regularly. 2. Squeeze water from material with large power extruder. 3. Dry the material with spin-drier.

Light hte fire and heating:

    If you use coal or wood for heating, you could use wood dipping in oil to light the fire. It is normal that there is some black smoke using this method. At earlier stage workers can use big fire to heat. The temperature inside reactor is over 500 Celsius degree. Since the reactor is rotating we can test the temperature inside reactor. Could speculate the internal temperature according to experience or test the temperature outside reactor using a gauge. The important thing is checking if the oil outlet pipe is blocked by waste plastic or other impurity before oil comes out. Method: if blocked, please open 273 cover plate and clean up the oil outlet pipe.

Waste tire oil outlet:

    It shows that the waste tire oil is coming out once the tail gas nozzle start burning. Check if the flow rate of condenser reach standard. Check if the water pump is working normally. The cooling effect directly have affect on oil yield. After oil comes out, gas nozzle start burning, need to adjust the concentration of gas mixture timely. If there is little tail gas with big wind power, the fire easily break down. If there is more tail gas with small wind power, the gas can not be completely burned so that it easily causes black smoke. There is a thermocouple above catalyst chamber. The temperature is on rise at earlier stage, it falls back at later stage. At peak stage the temperature of outlet should be 270 to 300 Celsius degree. If the temperature is too high it will reduce oil yield; if the temperature is too low, it will waste time. Both is not desirable. Use of air blower: use air blower at earlier stage, stop using it when the temperature reach 120 Celsius degree if tire, when the temperature reach 180 Celsius degree if plastic. Use of draught fan: the blowing rate of draught fan is adjusted by air shutter. If the wind power is too big, the heat will go to chimney directly. It is a waste of energy; if the wind power is too small, the temperature can not go up and it will lengthen working time. The reactor is rotating, the catalyst chamber is still, there is sealing device between two parts. If air leakage occurs, should adjust platen bolt in time. If can not restrain it, press the packing again.

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/Environment-protect-waste-tire-oil-plant-with-high-profits_338.html#sthash.JlWO67QM.dpuf


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