Waste tyre oil pyrolysis plant

Appearance of tyre oil:

    Let’s see a set of data: Burning one ton of waste tyres generates about 420 litres of tyre oil, 150kg of steel wire and 270kg of carbon black.From these data, we can predict that the tyre pollution to the environment is serious. Performing tyre oil of scrap tyres protects the environment and gets yield to 3 kinds of valuable materials, why don’t you choose it?

Suitable material tyre oil yield:

Raw material Oil yield Examples
PVC it is not suitable to refine oil cable,floor,door and window,wire skin…
PE 95% for high purity thin film,diaphragm,film membrane,reticule,oil tank…
PP 90% for high purity plastic ropes, plasticcrockery, vehicle bumpers…
PS 90% for high purity electrical appliance,stationery,cup…
ABS about 40% pure white plastic cloth is about 70%
Instant noodles about 40% plastic trademark is about 20%
Tail material from paper factory 15-20% if the raw material with high water,60% without water
House refuse 30-50% impurity materials about 20%
Pure plastic cable skin about 80% clean plastic bag is more than 50%
Truck tire about 45% imported tire is about 50%
Car tire/bicycle tire about 35% submarine cable is about 75%
Rubber cable skin/tread about 35% mixed tread is about 30%,gym shoes is 20-30%
Waste chemical fibber carpet materials about 30%
PMMA about 40%
Mixed rubber about 35%


a. Our tyre oil pyrolysis plant has pressure gauge, alarming device and safe valve to ensure security.
b. To avoid congestion, we have anti-clogging device. Once there is a congestion, we have antomatic alarming, automatic exhaust device and automatic decompression system.
c. The raw material of reactor using 245R/345R boiler plate or 204/205 stainless. The thickness of part by fire is 14/16/18mm, other parts is 12mm.
d. Automatic welding and the working processing according to standard of head of pressure vessel.
e. With proprietary vacuum system, it is much safer on condition of negative pressure.

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