China plastic to oil equipment renewable energy machine

Waste plastic to oil:

Waste tyre, waste plastic, waste rubber, waste oil etc. are increasing every moment.
Meanwhile, oil resources are decreasing every single day.
How to deal with these energy crisis?
We invented plastic to oil renewable machine with green technology recycling wastes to crude oil.
We are specialized in manufacturing pyrolysis machine for recycling waste tires, waste plastic, waste rubber etc. and distillation machiner for recycling waste oil, crude oil, black oil etc.

Advantages of plastic to oil pyrolysis technology:

1.  Get valuable energy from waste plastic and tyre in the form of fuel oil and carbon black
2.  Reducing the plastic and tyre pollution to environment and land
3.  Advanced green technology that recycle plastics and tires which are Eco-friendly
4.  Commercially viable process
5.  Final products oil is used as substitute to furnace oil
6.  Perfect solution for Polymer waste management
7.  Raw material (waste tires, waste plastics and waste rubber) available
8.  Zero emission and zero pollution: no harm to environment
9.  Less reaction time and save more energy
10.  Plant is Energy self sufficient

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