Hot sale! Waste plastic to oil pyrolysis machine

Overview of plastic to oil pyrolysis machine:

    The whole plastic to oil pyrolysis machine system is composed by 16 parts, which are reactor, catalyst room, oil tank A for heavy oil, oil-water separator, big condenser A,big condenser, oil tank B for light oil, anti-back fire device, buffer tank, negative pressure device, water jet flue, dust removing device, draught fan, chimney and condenser pipe.

Raw material feeding system:

    In our plastic to oil machine, we have an auto-feeder for putting into the material. The 60T hydraulic pressure can feed 500 kg one time. If the material is 10tons waste tyre, feeding time will last 2 hours. And if you choose the auto-feeder, it means no workers need to lift up the tyres into the reactor thus save manpower. After dischage the carbon, if you use feeder, you don’t need to wait the reator cooling down, you can start next batch directly since no worker need to go inside to feed raw material, it can save time and much more safe. After finishing one bacth, there are lots of different gas inside the reactor, even you cool down it, how can you ensure it’s safe when your workers go inside? So this is the heart point of our auto-feeder.

Anti-back fire device:

    We get the patent of this part, it’s designed by our boss and our engineers. It’s a safe deivce, the working principle is very simple: using the moter and water pump to keep the water rotating at a high speed, ensure there is a vacuum, then can suck all the gas from reactor. Before 100 degree, it can suck all the steam, there will be no water in the oil. And also if all the gas is sucked to the back, inside the reactor pressure will be negative, it’s much safer. Also the pyrolysis tempreture will be lower to save energy.

Cooling system:

    In our waste plastic to oil machine, there are two horizontal condensers. Some people said that the big pool is better than condenser and also said more pipes inside the condenser or more condenser and so on. I just want to ask them: Do you understand pyrolysis machine and oil refining machine? In all of the world,the standard cooling is pipe condenser, and also the distance of cooling can not be very long, that will reduce oil percentage. This is not secret,but why more and more customer said that’ good? Cause most customers don’t know this machine, so some companies just make different and shape to cheat.

– See more at:–Waste-plastic-to-oil-pyrolysis-machine_339.html#sthash.RDASlc8W.dpuf


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