Q235R Boiler plate tire furnace oil recycling pyrolysis machine

Waste to energy project:

    WASTE CONVERSION TO ENERGY:Waste tire to furnace oil pyrolysis process that convert tire to oil will make an impact on our environment and will be a quite lucrative investment! This WTE process eliminates landfills, piles of used tires, asbestos, and toxic material by converting the waste into electricity, fuel, steam, construction/highway aggregate, and a superior insulation……and creates jobs!

Three links tire to fuel oil and diesel processing:

The first link: waste tire and plastic to fuel oil recycling plant. This link can process raw material to fuel oil. This link needs 400 square meters
The second link: distillation process. Pump the fuel oil or crude oil to this link to get diesel and gasoline. This process needs around 400 meters.
The third link: decoloring and deodorant process. Process the diesel and gasoline which come from the second link to get clean diesel and gasoline with good color and smell. It needs around 200 square meters.
For all these three tire to oil and diesel process, the whole set needs 1000 squares meters.

Huayin tire to furnace oil plant features:

1. Q345R boiler plate of reactor guarantee the service life and security.
2.  Electric cabinet help you watch the temperature and easy to control power.
3.  Special catalyst improves oil yield and oil quality.
4.  The residual gas are flammable ahich can be recycled to furnace as fuel thus save energy cost.
5. Flue gas is processed by dust removal device that reaches the national emission standard.
6. Experienced engineers will help you establish the plant and train your workers.


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