High oil output waste tyre convert to oil recycling plant

What do we have?

1. Established in 1993,from 1993 to 2013, HUAYIN group only produce waste tyre/plastic recycling to fuel oil plant.
2. From the first original device to today’s newest 5th generation pyrolysis plant, we accumulate rich experience in this field.
3. We have 30 experienced professors with independent laboratory and 2000 square meters demo running factory which displays our equipment from the first generation device to the 5th generation equipment.
4. Standard laboratory can test kinematic viscosity, flash point and other aspect of the fuel oil. If you need, we can also give you on-site decoloring presentation.
5. 5-12 MT/batch capacity model for your choice.
6. CE, ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001.
7. 9 national patents.

Composition of waste tyre recycling plant:

Each set of waste tyre recycling plant is composed by 13 parts: Reactor, catalyst chamber, water-oil separator, two big horizontal Condensers(great cooling effect),two oil tank, anti-back fire device, negative pressure device,vacuum device, buffer tank, water jet flue, condenser pipe, de-dusting system, draft fan and chimney.


    My dear customers, if you know this waste tyre recycling palnt very well, just inpect the quality of everything and choose the best professional manufacturer. If you have never know this project and just touch this business the first time, please learn the working process well. This is a good investment for you, with good machine, experienced manufacturer and good service means that you’re a good investor and have a very excellent taste. Hope you a happy journey in China.

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/High-oil-output-waste-tyre-convert-to-oil-recycling-plant_341.html#sthash.JNt9Veqv.dpuf


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