Professional Plastic Waste to Fuel Oil Plastic Pyrolysis Plant with 30 Experienced Technicians

Huayin plastic waste pyrolysis plant:

    In today’s society, plastic products can be seen everywhere, the waste plastic products that have been abandoned is also very popular. The real tion is that so many waste plastics, it not only causes great white pollution, but also bring large waste of energy. Plastic waste pyrolysis plant that recycle plastic to fuel oil  provide us a new broad space of investment. The earlier you invest in this field, the higher benefit you will get. Choosing huayin plastic waste pyrolysis plant with 100% safety without any environemntal pollution is your best decision. The never saturated oil market ensure you always get maximize profits. Compared to other manufacturers of pyrolysis plant, huayin waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant has incomparable advantage, see the following description:

National patent auto-feeder of plastic waste pyrolysis plant:

    Auto feeder of this plastic waste pyrolysis plant is our national patent device. Our engineer invent this device in order to improve the production efficiency. It can load 10 tons of waste whole tires by 2-3 hours, while, without this, it may need 6-7 hours of manpower to finish it. The feeder using hydraulic pressure that can compress the waste tire smaller which can load more quantity tires. Additionally, the auto feeder can remove the steel wire from the reactor automatically. With this auto-feeder, you can start another batch without waiting the reactor cooling down.


    Our reactor is made of different materails, customer can choose it by themselves. If the material is Q245R, the boiler plate’s thickness is 16mm, it can  sevice 500-600 batches, if the material is Q345R, the thickness is 16mm, the service life is 650-700 batches. The best material, Q345R boiler plate with stainless plate, it can  bear 2600-2800 batches. The reactor design decides the safety, environmental aspect, easy operation and energy saving directly. A good car needs a good driver, the machine is also the same, we have 30 experienced engineers installing, testing and training the plastic waste pyrolysis plant.

Vacuum device (negative pressure device):

    Vacuum device of plastic waste pyrolysis plant is also called negative pressure device, it is also a national patent device. It is designed to keep the reactor working under normal pressure device. At the same time, it can save heating fuel cost, avoid smelling leakage from the reactor and clean the catalyst when distillation machine.

Welcome you choose huayin plastic waste pyrolsis plant, sincerely hope to cooperate with you for a green world!

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Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine from Huayin Tyre Recycling Equipment Company

Waste tyre pyrolysis machine specialities:

    1. Oil refining experience and waste tyre pyrolysis machine production of 20 years since 1993.
    2. 2000 square meters waste tyre, waste plastic, and waste oil refining factory.
    3. Unique laboratory to testing your raw material oil yield.
    4. 3 factories scale.
    5. 30 professional and rich experienced engineers team.
    6. 500-750 batches service life.
    7. 24 hours and seven days service.
    8. 45%-50% oil yield.

Condensing system:

    Choosing the best efficient cooling system is very important since the condenser is the key point that decide the oil yield and quality. Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine uses the heating exchange working principle, during the whole working process, the water is circulating water and always keeps at a cool temperature. Vertical condenser and horizontal condenser is matched by customer requirement. While, we advise you the horizontal condenser since it has bigger cooling area and longer cooling route with high oil yield and good quality.

Technical paremeter of huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

Reactor Material Q345R SS310 310S+Q345R
Company history Since 1993
Oil yield 45%-50%
Water consumption Circulating water for 40㎡
Plant land required 400 ㎡
Installation time 30 days
Reactor size D2800*L6600 mm
Voltage 380 V
Power 24kw
Carbon black size 50 mesh
Tire oil density 0.89
Combustion value 17,008BTU/Ib
Heating fuel 700 kg coal, 200kg oil, 1.3t wood, 400 CBU
Workers need 4
Processing time 20-22 hours
Weight 38T
Engineer team member 30
Manufacturing ability Average one set one day
Service life 500 to 750 batches
Patents 9
Exported countries Global
Explosion rate Zero

Welcome to huayin pyrolysis plant factory:

    Huayin factory has 2000 square meters big demo running waste plastic/tyre pyrolysis machine for customer visiting. seeing is believing. No matter how good you chat online, trust your eyes what you see. Every manufacturer says that their machine is best, but there are different quality level in this market. Welcome to visit huayin factory!

Nine patents Xinxiang huayin waste tyre pyrolysis plant with zero explosion rate

Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis plant with 9 patents, CE&ISO certificates:

    Waste tyre pyrolysis plant or waste plastic pyrolysis machine is an industry which adopts pyrolysis technology that convert waste plastic, waste tyre into industrial pyrolysis oil, crude carbon black , tyre steel wire and combustible gas. Waste tyre pyrolysis plant is aslo called waste tire/tyre pyrolsis machine, waste tyre pyrolysis equipment, waste tire recycling machine/plant/equipment, waste tyre to oil machine, if you need this machine to create wealth and prevent pollution, don’t hesitate to tell us!

Advantages of huayin waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

1. Customer can get purest quality pyrolysis fuel oil as final product.
2. Huayin waste tyre pyrolsysi plant adopts advanced green technology to achieve environment friendly working process.
3. Both waste plastic and waste tyre can be used as raw materials for recycling.
4. Fully continuous automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant working process.
5. Breakthrough technology was used to improve security, efficiency and easy operation.
6. More than 90% of machinery parts are non-moving thus reduces the recurring maintenance.
7. Proven machinery and technology since 1993.
8. Self-sufficient energy industry.
9. No external fuel material was required for heating.

Welcome to HUAYIN:

    Huayin group have installled large number of waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis plants in many countries on turnkey basis. The total turnkey supply service includes of machinery designing, equipment manufacturing, supplying, installation, commissioning and operational training. We are the pioneer in establishing pyrolysis plants on turnkey basis with 20 years experience. Dear customers,  choosing a reliable manufacturer is very important. Huayin company culture is christian culture, HUAYIN means voice from Lord. Ninety percent of our staff in HUAYIN are Christians, to be honest is very important aspect when do business, choosing us will never be regret. Welcome to choose HUAYIN brand!

Rich experienced and professional waste tyre pyrolysis machine since 1993

Non-pollution waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

    Waste tyre, waste plastic is becoming a huge threat to human environment and the white pollution is getting serious dramatically. Every year, government of each country around the world spend lots of money to solve this problem. The number of truck and car waste tire, waste plastic products becomes more and more as times developing.We xinxiang huayin company invented waste tyre pyrolysis machine in order to decrease this trend and recycle waste plastic and tyre to industrial fuel oil. This machine adopts pyrolysis technology, on the one hand, it can reduce the waste pollution to envrioment, on the other hand, it creates much more fuel oil resource for national economy.

Life-long service huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

    Waste tyre pyrolysis machine can process nearly all kind of waste tyres, the raw material can be waste truck tyre, waste car tyre, waste motor bike tyre. Waste plastic is also available for pyrolysis plant. Our machine adopts advanced technology with comprehensive dust removing system to avoid second time pollution. Let’s see the machine technical parameters:

Reactor size
41 38 36 33
18-41 18-41 18-41 18-41
( whole tire)
10.25 ton per batch 9.5 ton per batch 9 ton per batch 8.25 ton per batch
Processing time (hour) 22 22 22 20
Land required
(foot )
32*128 32*128 32*128 32*96
Cooling system Horizontal condenser Horizontal condenser Horizontal condenser Horizontal condenser
Service life Q345R boiler plate 16mm

Final products from waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

    Industrial fuel oil: 45%-50%, carbon black: 30%, tyre steel wire: 15%, combustible gas: 5%-10%. Looking forward for your inquiry!

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Waste tyre recycled to oil plant, high profits waste tyre pyrolysis machine without pollution

Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine safety protection:

1. The reactor of Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine has an auto welding machine, this speical design can not only improve the equipment working efficiency greatly but also ensure the welding seam quality. For the safety concern, it avoids the potential explosion that may caused by oil gas leak.
2. Professional and advanced heating treatment and x-ray detection furnace are very important for welding.
3. The additional vacuum system is designed to prevent oil gas flowing back to the reactor that cause explosion accident.
4. Professional thermometer, pressure gauge and safety valve guarantee 100% safety.
5.It may cause explosion that burn exhaust gas(C1 to C4) without necessary safety measures. For huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine, it is transferred first through the safety device and a safety burning air muzzle.Safety is the first factor, we must pay much attention to it.

Huayin tyre to oil plant specification:

Items Contents
Raw materials Waste tyre/tire, waste plastic, scrap rubber
Final products fuel crude oil, crude carbon black, steel wire, combustible gas
Model HY-6T/8T/10T
Size of reactor D2600mm*L6000mm
24-hour capacity 10 tons
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Heating material Coal, wood, natural gas, fuel oil
Average out-put oil rate 40%-45%
Material of reactor Q345R steel plate, Q245R, bimetal steel plate
Thickness of reactor 14mm, 16mm, 18mm
Safety ensure Automatic reducing valve and ring
Water consumption Recycling water
Working mode Automatic feeding
Delivery time 15 days after receiving advanced payment
Service 24 hours and 7 days service for you

Profits you can get from waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

We always take 10 ton waste tyre raw material as an example:

NO Item Cost of per batch
1 10 tons of waste tires 10T*1500RMB/T=15,000RMB
2 0.4tons of coal 0.4T*800RMB/T=320RMB
3 Water and electricity 200*1.00RMB=200RMB
4 Workers’ salary 4*100RMB=400RMB
5 Total cost 15,920RMB


NO Item Income
1 Crude fuel oil 10*45%*4500RMB=20,250RMB
2 Crude carbon black 10T*35%*520RMB=1,820RMB
3 Steel wire 10T*15%*2200RMB=3,300 RMB
4 Daily gross profit 25,370RMB
5 Daily net profit 25,370RMB – 15,920RMB =9,450RMB
6 Monthly net profit 9,450 RMB *20=189,000RMB
7 Yearly net profit 189,000RMB *10=1,890,000RMB

Choose huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine with more effective and less hassle, hope to cooperate with you for a green world!

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Xinxiang huayin waste plastic pyrolysis machine convert plastic waste to fuel oil equipment

Plastic waste to fuel oil machine:

    Along with the world economy progressing development, the oil resource scarce tendency has grown up day by day, enters into the 90’s, the energy has become the primary factor that restricts various countries economy development. While, at the same time, energy waste can be seen everywhere. Seeking the new energy has become the various countries’ matter of concern. We xinxiang huayin company is the leading domestic professional manufacturer in waste plastic pyrolysis machinewaste tyre recycling eqipment, waste engine oil distillation machine. Our final principle is to clean the world and renew waste to energy, welcome all strategic friends join us!

Different sizes of plastic waste to fuel oil plant:


1. With the help of the auto-feeder, the reactor of waste to fuel oil machine can to contain 12 tons crushed tire or 10 tons whole tyre.
2. I f the raw materil is waste plastic, it can contain even 12 tons if you use the right feeding way.
3. The diameter of the reactor feeding door is 1400mm.
4. After 2 hours’ feeding time, it’s time to heat the reactor by coal/wood/natural gas or fuel oil. Generally speaking, when the temperature reaches to 155 Celsius degrees around, the oil gas will generated.


1. This size of  this reactor can load 10 tons of crushed tires or 12 tons of waste plastic.
2. After finishing one batch, since we have auto-feeder, customers don’t need to wait the plastic waste to fuel oil plant cooling down that workers go inside to feed raw material. If you don’t have one, in that way it will be time-wasting and dangerous.
3. Built-in spiral plates, these plates will make the waste tyres/ plastic go ahead.


1. This reactor can load 10 tons of waste tires or 12 tons of waste plastic.
2. The reacto is made by Q345R, the thickness of  is 16 mm which can last 500-750 batches.
3. We can also make reactor by material 310S+Q345R, which obviously prolong service life 3-5 times.
4. The reactor has two layers, the outer layer built-in cotton insulation, fire cement and steel.



Welcome your inquiry!

Brazil supplier of waste tyre pyrolysis plant convert waste to energy project

Structure of the whole set waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

    The whole series of waste tyre pyrolysis plant is mainly composed by 13 parts, they are reactor, catalyst room, oil tank A for heavy oil collection, oil – waster separator, two big horizontal condensers( for better cooling effect), oil tank B for light oil collection, anti-back fire device,  buffer tank, negative pressure device, water jet flue,  vacuum device,condenser pipe, dedusting system, draught fan and chimney. Let’s see the working process diagram:

Technical parameters of huayin tyre pyrolysis plant in Brazil market:

a. Pyrolysis plant model : HY-1-6, HY-1-8, HY-1-10
b. Raw materials : waste tire, waste tyre, waste plastic, scrap rubbber
c. Structural form : Horizontal rotation
d. One day(24 hours) capacity : 6 ton, 8 ton, 10 ton
e. Approximate oil yield : 2.7ton, 3.6 ton, 4.5 ton
f. Operating pressure : Normal
g. Marerial of the reactor : Q245R, Q345R or bimetal
h. Thickness of the reactor : 14mm, 14mm, 16mm
i. Rotating speed of reactor : 0.4turn/minute
j. Total working power : 12KW, 12KW, 23.5KW
k. Cooling mode: Water cooling
l. Cooling area of the horizontal condenser : 40sqm, 40sqm, 65sqm
m. Transmission model: Internal gear drive
n. Noise dB(A) : ≤85, ≤85, ≤85 (lower than national standard )
o. Size of Reactor(D×L) : 2200×6000, 2200×6600, 2600×6600
p. Working form : Intermittent operation
q. Weight : 27T, 35T, 45T
r. Warranty: one year, 500 to 750 batches
s. Heating material: Coal, charcoal, fuel gas, fuel oil

100% security assurance:

1. The reactor of our waste tyre pyrolysis plant has auto welding machine, it can not only improve the working efficiency greatly  but also guarantee the quality of welding seam, additionally, it is also designed to avoid explosion caused by gas leak.
2. Professional heating treatment and x-ray detection chamber are especially for welding.
3. Vacuum system will prevent oil gas going back to reactor and cause accident.
4. Professional thermometer, pressure gauge and safety valve to ensure 100% safety.

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