Waste tire recycling project is becoming more and more popular around the world

In the world, now there are more than 1 billion vehicles are being used, and waste tyres scrapped from the cars have reached 1.4 billion each single year. The numbers of waste tires including the scrap tyres from the motor vehicles in special industry can amount to about 1.7 billion, equal to of new tyres. And the waste tires are increasing at 2% to 3% a year, it has become the second pollution sources a car in addition to exhaust emission. If the waste tires produced from including motorcycle and other motor vehicle tire, bicycles, electric vehicles, globally, the numbers of waste tyres are actually already more than 2.5 billion. Even in China, In recent decades, with the motor vehicles and highway mileage developed continuously, the waste tires/tyres are amounting rapidly by 10% ~ 30% in China.

    Waste tyres/tires, waste plastic, namely, the tyres/tires have lost their value were replaced or obsoleted, and abandoned by factory. Although scrap tire is classified as waste product, the potential value of tires is very impressive, it is called “black gold “, a kind of raw materials in the wrong place. The main approaches using waste tires are: tires refurbished, producing reclaimed rubber and powder, renewing energy and pyrolysis.  Using pyrolysis machine to convert the waste tire into fuel oil can not only decrease the waste pollution to our environment, but also create financial profits for you. We are very glad all the friends work together to clean our land. HAUYIN, always serve you the best quality machine with competitive price. Welcome to visit our factory at any time!

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