Professional manufacturer huayin teach you how to start a plastic recycling pyrolysis business

How to start pyrolysis business:

    As human enter into 21st century, the tyre and plastic industry steps on a highway growth. For all countries, the tyre industry has seen a good growth figures over the past few years.Billions of waste or used tyres are stock piled. As we are in an era of energy scarcity, these tyre stockpiles are direct loss of energy, further more, it causes fire and health hazard and other environmental issues to human life. So, how to recycle the used tyre and plastics? This problem has aroused wide attention of scientists, environmentalists, businessmen and industry in developed countries in western Europe, USA, Japan and Australia etc. Today, Xinxiang HUANYIN group will teach you a way that turn waste tyre and plastic to oil energy, it’s called pyrolysis technology, it’s a sun-rising business without any environmental pollution. I just want to say congratulations as now you know this profitable business here.

Plastic oil yield:

    Everybody know that plastic is divided into a lot of material like PE, PP, PS, etc, so different material has different oil reclaiming rate. Choosing plastic material is very important for customer, the follwing form with varied oil yield for customer reference:

Approx oil yield rate of different raw material:
PE 50%-75%
PP 50%-75%
PS 50%-75%
ABS 40%
Leftovers of paper Wet 15-20%, dry 60%
House garbage 35-50%
Plastic cable 80%
Plastic bag 50%
Submarine cable 75%
Rubber cable 35%
Sole 30%
PVC Not suitable
PET Not suitable

Six models of plastic pyrolysis plant:

    Huayin company offer six models of waste tyre recycling plant. The raw material can be waste tyre, tire, plastic or scrap rubber. Our recycling pyrolysis plant is simple, superior, durable, and reliable with good sales service. We designed these equipment in such a way which is easy to operate. You can choose the suitable size according to your daily capacity.
No. Model Reactor size Weight Volume Capacity Note
1 HY5 2200*6000mm 27 MT 23 m³ 5 MT/Batch 3 batches 2 days
2 HY6 2200*6600mm 29 MT 25 m³ 6 MT/Batch 3 batches 2 days
3 HY8 2600*6000mm 32 MT 32 m³ 8 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
4 HY9 2600*6600mm 34 MT 35 m³ 9 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
5 HY10 2800*6000mm 35 MT 37 m³ 10 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
6 HY12 2800*6600mm 38 MT 41 m³ 12 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day

We always taking quality into consideration and quote you the most competitive price. For more pyrolysis information, please contact us!

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