How to start profitable waste tyre recycling machinery in Brazil

Pyrolysis plant in Brazil market:

    Xinxiang HAUYIN from Henan, China have installed more than one thousand highly sophisticated and advanced waste tyre recycling machinery, which uses advanced green pyrolysis technology. This plant uses 100% waste tyre for recycling. The whole working process is eco-friendly as it does not use chemical ingredients. Further, the process is free from any form of pollution. The plant helps in producing economical products and also solves tyre wastage problem. Furthermore, it saves from various diseases, which are likely to be spread from tyre waste. This is the most cost-effective waste tyre recycling technology in the world and can be applied to all rubber based material. The products extracted from this system are by-products of tyre production and can be widely used as alternative source of energy for petroleum products and natural gas. Now we are developing South America market, and many Brazil customers are very interested in this profitable project and prepared to set pyrolysis plant in their country. Let’s see it:

Technical features:

    1. Reactor material: Q345R steel plate or bimetal steel plate.
    2. Varied 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm thickness of the reactor to ensure quality accoring to capacity.
    3. Energy saving equipment and flammable tail gas to reduce the cost.
    4. Environmental friendly technology with zero pollution.
    5. Raw materials: waste tyre/tire, waste plastic and scrap rubber.
    6. Heavy crude oil output rate: 45%
    7. Carbon black reclaiming rate: 35%
    8. Steel wire productivity: 15%

Different sizes of waste tyre recycling machinery:

Product Model Specifications Per batch capacity Per day output Containers Gross weight Power
HY-2200*6000 2200mm*6000mm 6ton 3ton 2*40HQ 25ton 11kw
HY-2200*6600 2200mm*6600mm 7ton 4ton 2*40HQ 27ton 11kw
HY-2600*6000 2600mm*6000mm 8ton 5ton 1*40HQ&1*FR 30ton 16kw
HY-2800*6000 2800mm*6000mm 10ton 6ton 1*40HQ&1*FR 32ton 17kw
HY-2800*6600 2800mm*6600mm 12ton 7ton 1*40HQ&1*FR 33ton 17kw

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