The setting up of pyrolysis plant for plastic wastes conversion into fuel oil

Plastic wastes conversion into  fuel oil technology:

    As human society entered into the 21st century, plastics and rubber products have become indispensable items to people’s lives. To the end of last century, the plastic and rubber products accounted for about 90% of world petrochemical products, while, its growing pollution on environment is getting worse. To solve this problem has become a major concern around the world. After many years of scientific and technological research, our company come up with a package of waste plastic, waste tyre, waste rubber and waste engine oil to fuel oil pyrolysis technology. Since this technology put into social production, it has become an important part in solving with municipal waste, waste tires and waste rubber recycling.  At the same time, it alleviates the energy shortage and creates huge economic benefits to a certain extent.

Final products of waste plastic pyrolysis plant:

    The final products generated from pyrolysis plant mainly include fuel oil, steel wire, combustible gas and crude carbon black. They are widely used in hotels, restaurants, bathing centers, power plants, engines and chemical sector, etc.
Fuel oil (45% to 50%)
    The main product generated by our waste plastic pyrolysis plant is fuel oil which is widly used in industrial field so that has great commercial benefits. The oil has 45% to 50% yield of the amount of recycled scrap tyres, which can be used in power plant factor, glass factory, cement factory, ceramic factory, aluminum factory, boiler factory, central heating factory etc.
Carbon black (30% to 35%)
    Carbon black produced by waste tire pyrolysis plant is more economical compared to carbon black produced primarily from petroleum and is much more price-efficient to be used as raw materials in the industries listed. Carbon black is used as raw material in many industries and the chemical structure of carbon black strengthens, lengthens the endurance and improves the coloring features of the materials.
Steel wire (10% to 15%)
    Tyres contain steel wires and the amount range of 10% to 15% of the total tyre wastage. All of the steel present in the tyre can be detached after the P Valuable steel wires are pressed and sold to steel and scrap dealers.
Combustible gas (5% to 8%)
    Non-Condensable gases arise during the pyrolysis process.

Welcome to HUAYIN:

    Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is the first domestic manufacturing enterprise dedicated to research and development of renewable energy equipment in China. Over the years, Huayin research departments make joint efforts with many scientific research institutions and well-known experts and scholars, we have make deep study on waste plastic oil refining machine, waste tyre pyrolysis oil equipment, waste engine oil distillation machine, waste disposal equipment and many other fields. For the remarkable achievements and good social benefits, we get awards and praise from relevent departments. Now our company owns a variety of more than 12 million fixed assets, one standard laboratory, two test sites, six R&D engineers and more than twenty excellent technicians. Our factory can be customized according to your requirments to produce personalized equipment. Welcome all people come to visit.

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