Profitable waste tyre recycling plant project started in Inida

Waste tyre recycling plant specifications:

Items Contents
Model HY-6T HY-7T HY-8T HY-9T HY-10T HY-12T
Size of Reactor 2200*6000 2200*6600 2600*6000 2600*6600 2800*6000 2800*6600
Raw Material Waste tyre/plastic/rubber
Final Products Fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire
Material of Reactor Q345 Rboiler plate
Thickness of Reactor 12/14/16/18mm
Oil yield 45%-55%
Rotate Speed of Reactor 0.4 turn/minute
Driving Method Gear drive
Cooling Way Water Cooling
Operating Pressure Normal
Noise (db) ≤75

Huayin waste tyre recycling plant advantages:

    1. Superior quality with rich experience.
    2. Automatic slagging without polluiton.
    3. Low investment and operational costs.
    4. Simple and safe working system. Only regular checks are required time to ensure safety.
    5. Low maintenance as there is no direct flame in the reactor chamber.
    6. The whole set equipment can be delivered and installed in 2 months and all systems are provided with warranty.
    7. Fully automatic and continuous pyrolysis process.
    8. Flammable gas is provides during processing as fuel material to heat reactor.
    9. Waste tyres are 100% completely recycled.
    10. It is a simple process only requiring 4 labors.

Working time: (eg. 10 tons waste tyre)

    For loading waste tyres into reactor with auto-feeder, it need 2 hours. The reactor preheating time needs 2 hours to finish. While, the most longer time is oil output, this is also the most important process, it needs 12 hours. For the reactor cooling down,it need 2 hours, carbon black discharging for 1 hour and steel wire discharging need 1 hour too.
Thanks for your attention!


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