100% safety guarantee Huayin waste tyre to oil pyrolysis recycling plant in Brazil

Waste tyre and plastic pollution in Brazil:

    With the rapid development of Brazil economy today, plastics and rubber products have become indispensable items in people’s daily life. But people don’t konw how to dispose these plastic and rubber wastes, so they choose the traditional way like landfilling and buring thus throw serious pollution to the fragile ecological environment. These wastes can’t be fully biodegradabled underground even one thousand years that cause great waste of land resources. Pollution, little land space, this is the only thing we’re left to future generations. We must change it. In order to change this situation, huayin company began to research waste tyre and plastic renewable equipement since 1993. Now we did it, we invented the waste tyre to fuel oil recycling pyrolysis plant without any pollution, we aims to clean the world and creat more jobs for people. Welcome people of insight to join us.

Advantages of waste tyre and plastic to pyrolysis oil recycling equipment:

    a. To refine valuable and profitable products and energy from the wastes.
    b. The whole working process using high technology solutions with 100% safety device.
    c. To decrease and eliminate the wastes of scrap tires in landfills.
    d. Helps to meet the country’s recycling policies and projects.
    e. Create more jod opportunities for people.

Approximate oil yield with huayin tyre to oil pyrolysis plant:

Raw material Oil yield Steel wire

Waste tire/rubber

Big tyres 45%-50% 15%-20%

Waste plastic

Car tyres 40% 10%-15%
Bicycles and motorcycles tyres 30%-35% 5%-10%
Fishing net 45%-50%
Safety net, farm-oriented film 45%-50%
Convenient bags, weave bags 40%
Off-cut of recycled paper mill 20%-30%
    The final products generated from waste tyre or plastic pyrolysis plant mainly include fuel oil, combustible gas and crude carbon black. They are widely used in hotels, restaurants, bathing centers, power plants, engines and chemical sector, etc. Welcome your inquiry!

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/100–safety-guarantee-Huayin-waste-tyre-to-oil-pyrolysis-recycling-plant-in-Brazil_356.html#sthash.UVbGr1rJ.dpuf


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