China cheap waste tire recycling machine from huayin company with good quality

Basic information of huayin waste tire recycling machine:

No. Item Content
1 Models of tire recycling machine HY-6 HY-8 HY-10
2 Raw materials Waste tyre/plastic Waste tyre/plastic Waste tyre/plastic
3 Structure Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation Horizontal rotation
4 24-hour handling
6 ton raw
8 ton raw
10 ton raw
5 24-hour oil output 3.5 ton pyrolysis oil 4 ton pyrolysis oil 5 ton pyrolysis oil
6 Work pressure Atmospheric Atmospheric Atmospheric
7 Host Speed 0.8 Turn / min 0.8 Turn / min 0.8 Turn / min
8 With force 11 KW / hour 11 KW / hour 11 KW /hour
9 Cooling type Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
10 Cooling water
0.2(t/h) 0.3(t/h) 0.4(t/h)
11 Transmission method Two-driven Two-driven Two-driven
12 Heating Directly Directly Directly
13 Installation A base A base A base
14 Noised B(A) ≤85 ≤85 ≤85
15 Reactor size (D× L) 2200×6000 2600 × 6600 2800 × 6000
16 Forms of work Intermittent operations Intermittent operations Intermittent operations

Huayin company waste tire recycling machine qualification:

    Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional and modern pyrolysis plant manufacturer with 20 years experience. We are specialized in waste tire/plastic and used oil refining machine since 1993. We have three continuous links of pryolysis machine , tens of independent & professional departments to serve global customers. Huayin group has obtained certificates of ISO9001:2000,ISO14001 and CE and many other patents.If you come to China to visit us, we are confident you will choose us.

Huayin waste tire recycling to oil pyrolysis machine advantages:

1. Low investment: the raw material can be waste tire, plastic and used oil, they are very cheap and easy to get around the world.
2. Easy to operate with lower operation cost: the whole set of tire to oil recycling machine is fully automatic, it can be handled by 4 workers to save your labors salary.
3. The recycling machine can refine used motor oil and all kinds of waste engine oil to diesel and gasoline.
4. Environmental friendly: This machine is full-enclosed, there will be no any harmful pungent smelling leaking out of the furnace. The small ingredients like colloid, oxid, acid and pitch will be converted to oil sludge as fuel material in many industries.
5. 85% high recycling rate. This includes 6-8% diesel and gasoline mixture, 80-85% base oil and 8-10% oil sludge.
6. High quality refined oil: no any discoloration caused by oxidation without any bad smelling.

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